Level Up to Digital Transformation

Companies have been engaging in strategic transformation for decades. Now, technological development is finally allowing companies to utilize digital transformation tools, in order to generate strategic change at an unprecedented pace and scale.

Key Challenges of
Digital Transformation

Enhancing or transforming your customers’ experience by developing digital offerings

Implementing and driving an overarching transformation strategy

Recruiting employees and decision makers to support business transformation 

Reacting quickly to new market opportunities with cutting edge solutions or technologies

What The Experts Say...

“Digital disruption has massive potential for innovation and, for those who are caught unprepared, massive potential for destruction.”

"Digital transformation is front and center for all of our customers today. Those that successfully transform place in the top quartile of their industries. Those that do not are threatened with disruption."

"The age of digital has created new ways for organizations and customers to form relationships. To survive, organizations must digitally transform to fit customer needs."

"A culture conducive to digital transformation is a hallmark of maturing companies. These organizations have a strong propensity to foster innovation and develop collaborative environments."

Leveraging Collective Intelligence
to Drive Digital Transformation

Boost Your Open Innovation Ecosystem

Digitally manage engagements with your external stakeholders to receive ideas that deliver strategic transformation.

Employee Innovation Programs

Drive change management and boost your employees’ innovation by establishing digital “shark tank” ideation competitions.

Digital Hackathons

Overcome the geographic limitations of a traditional hackathon and leverage the collective intelligence of varied communities nationwide against your toughest challenges.

Innovation Scouting Programs

Identify opportunities for Mergers & Acquisitions of valuable technology and innovative startups that will help your company to disrupt and lead the market.


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Business Innovation Brief

Discover How Philip Morris International Is Transforming Via Innovative Self-Disruption

This insightful free webinar explores how the world’s leading cigarette company is implementing one of the most revolutionary innovation strategies in modern business…

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