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Driving Enterprise Innovation

Transforming ideas into results.

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Idea and Innovation Management Software - Your goals. Your solutions.

  • Innovation Management
    Innovation Management

    Discover, crowdsource and manage new streams of innovative ideas from your employees, customers and partners.

  • Process Improvement
    Process Improvement

    Improve business results by engaging your employees in cost reduction and business improvement processes.

  • Marketing & Strategy
    Marketing & Strategy

    Engage your customers and employees by adding crowdsourced innovation and collaboration to your business strategy.

  • Citizens Engagement
    Citizens Engagement

    Strengthen the citizens trust and create an open, crowdsource communication-channel with your community.

  • Market Research
    Market Research

    Leverage the power of collective intelligence and gain insights directly from your potential market.

  • Idea Management
    Idea Management

    Utilize the knowledge and experience of your employees by involving them directly in your decision making processes.

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Your platform. Your rules.

End-to-end innovation management software tailored to your exact needs
  • Idea evaluation
    Idea evaluation lifecycle
    Define the workflow of ideas, stage by stage, according to your organization’s culture and requirements.
  • Multitasking ideation platform
    Multiple processes
    Run multiple workflows in parallel, for different uses – new products, continuous improvement etc.
  • Crowdsourcing ideas
    Idea campaigns
    You may launch as many idea campaigns as you need, and run them in parallel to find crowdsourced solutions to any challenge that your organization is facing.
  • Full control brainstorming tool
    Full control
    Easily define the guidelines for your idea campaigns. Set specific time-frames, participants, roles, permissions and evaluation processes for each and every campaign.
  • Branded innovation management tool
    Fully branded platform
    Design an inviting interface, fitted to your branding and specific requirements.
  • Customized home page
    Customized home page
    Define any combination of images and content – we will design the perfect homepage for your platform, based on your brand identity.
  • Gamification
    Use our Gamification techniques and tools to engage your users, increase participation and improve the results of your innovation management process via crowdsourcing.
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    Every user may have a personal profile page, where they can easily track all activities that are relevant to them.
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    Communication & Email Alerts
    Communicate with your users by incorporating email alerts at various stages of the workflow.
    Your Workflows
    Your Challenge
    Your Brand
    Your Community
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Leading Companies Innovate with Qmarkets

  • Chemours - Innovation Management Customer
  • colruyt_new_300px
  • Ford - Innovation Management Customer
  • Grupo Bimbo - Innovation Management Customer
  • Henry Schein - Innovation Management Customer
  • ISS - Innovation Management Customer
  • Liberty Mutual - Innovation Management Customer
  • Lufthansa - Innovation Management Customer
  • Nestle - Innovation Management Customer
  • NHS- Innovation Management Customer
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