Virtual Roundtable: Building an Innovation Ecosystem | 31st July

Hi 👋 We’re Qmarkets

We make SaaS platforms that help organizations to innovate. Like all innovations, Qmarkets began as an ingenious idea back in 2007, and from that moment we’ve been committed to pushing forward the frontier of enterprise innovation.




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Our Core Values


We’re convinced that truly great things happen when people come together to find solutions to the challenges they face.


We believe there is always a better or faster way of doing things and we apply this to everything we do.


We’re always honest with our customers and we expect the same in return. There’s no such thing as a bad question!

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What do we do?

We provide organizations all over the world with an end-to-end innovation management solution. This includes a cutting-edge ecosystem of SaaS products, dedicated customer success support and guidance, and an extended portfolio of supporting partner services.

No matter what innovation challenge you’re facing, we can help you overcome it and start delivering impact across your business. Our customers see a wide range of benefits, from new products and services, to improved processes, engaged employees, satisfied customers, and much, much more.

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Why do we do it?

Innovation is the ultimate catalyst for progress, not just on a company-level but for the entire human race. We’re motivated by the fact that a single good idea can change the world for the better, and we’re contributing towards this every day.

This isn’t only something we preach about, we also practice a culture of innovation. This doesn’t just mean beanbags in the office, or pizza on Fridays. It means we strive for creative solutions to every problem we face and bring an open mind to every encounter we have.

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Why Work With Us?

The Most Intelligent & Powerful Features

Our products are packed with the most cutting-edge tools and capabilities to make your process as effective and efficient as possible. Plus, we listen to our customers and we’re constantly gathering feedback to refine and enhance our offering.

A Comprehensive Ecosystem of Products

Not only do we offer a suite of products dedicated to your specific innovation challenges, but these products are all seamlessly interconnected. This adds up to an innovation management ecosystem that is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Flexibility and Scalability

With Qmarkets you can start small with a solution that fits your immediate needs, and gradually scale as those needs evolve. Our intuitive self-admin functionality allows you to easily tailor the system to your requirements over time.

Unmatched Customer Success & Expertise

We’re proud of our products, but we’re just as proud of our people. With decades of combined experience working with the world’s most innovative companies, we have an unparalleled wealth of expertise, insights, and best practices – ready and waiting for you.

Our Leadership Team

Team 1
Noam Danon
CEO & Founder
Team 6
Michael Stilger
SVP Sales
Team 4
Sivan Leshem
VP Product & Customer Success
Team 2
Guy Cohen
Team 5
Elad Ron
Team 3
Ofir Platner
VP Marketing

Our Reputation


“With a perfect value index score of 100 Qmarkets came first out of 10 competitors.”

Emerging Leader

“The level of configuration that is possible with the technology is impressive”

“Qmarkets is the most customizable innovation platform solution with excellent customer support”


“State of the art idea management software.”


“Qmarkets delivers a highly scalable and customizable innovation solution.”


“…Essential for innovation leaders to gain visibility and control on the discovery and selection subcycles of innovation.”

Representative Vendor

“Qmarkets has focused on adding even more flexibility in designing the idea evaluation process.”

“Versatile self-admin, extensive automation capabilities, and engaging UX/UI”

But That’s Enough About Us…

We want to know all about you! Whether you’re actively seeking an innovation management software tool, or just getting a sense of what’s out there on the market, our team would love to find out your innovation challenges, needs, and objectives