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Your Company, Your Preference

We offer two deployment options to ensure all companies can benefit from our idea and
innovation management software, no matter how strict their security requirements are.


Software as a Service (SaaS) via Qmarkets’ secured cloud


Deployed locally to your servers

Unmatched Security Infrastructure

Secured Global Hosting  
Security Compliance & ISO Certification 
Privacy & GDPR Compliance 
Physical Security
Network & Server Security
On-Premise Installation
System Security Features
Secured Global Hosting  

Secured Global Hosting  

  • Hosted through only the most scalable and secure cloud services, you can rest assured that your platform is in safe hands. Choose from one of our global locations according to your requirements and preferences.
  • Using Amazon AWS  or Microsoft Azure in a location of your choice: USA, Germany, Australia, Canada or Switzerland   
Security Compliance & ISO Certification 

Security Compliance & ISO Certification 

  • Fully ISO 27001 Certified
    Qmarkets is officially ISO 27001:2013 certified across all business operations  
  • SOC1 & SOC2 Certified Data Centers
    All our global hosting sites and data centers are also SOC-1 and SOC 2 & PCI-DSS certified 
  • Enterprise Security Policies & Processes
    Covering all aspects of our service and operations, Qmarkets has well defined and scalable security policies and guidelines, covering network security, physical security, incident handling, encryption and key management, backup and DRP, development processes, remote access, service termination, HR hiring and more
  • Quality Management
    Qmarkets is certified for ISO 9001:2015 
  • Carbon Footprint
    ISO 14001:2004
Privacy & GDPR Compliance 

Privacy & GDPR Compliance 

Qmarkets is fully compliant with GDPR and all other common local privacy laws and regulations. We take great care in making sure that we follow those regulations, acting as a Data Processor, especially around data storage and processing by geographic region, data anonymization and pseudonymization, correct handling of data from past users/employees, and of course – anything to do with data security, as detailed on this page. 

Qmarkets signs a separate Data Privacy Agreement (DPA) with every customer, following your DPA templates and agreement.  


Physical Security

Physical Security

Our data centers are all equipped with the following physical safety measures: 

  • Building and Perimeter
    Ballistic glass enclosed security check-in, front window areas and loading dock 
  • Access Control
    Electronic security features with key-card access and dual authentication with biometric readers 
  • Security Guards
    Staffed 24/7 
  • CCTV
    24/7 surveillance covering the interior & exterior of the facility 
Network & Server Security

Network & Server Security

Our network is fully protected, including these key security measures: 

  • State-of-the-Art Encryption
    All internet traffic is always encrypted using 256-bit SSL encryption (HTTPS / SSH) using modern high-end encryption protocols, and all customer data is stored in encrypted storage  
  • Powerful Firewalls
    Firewalls protect all access to our servers from the internet 
  • Secured Traffic
    All IP ports to internet are closed, aside from HTTPS and SSH 
  • Optional Access Restriction
    We can limit access for your users to your intranet/VPN IP addresses (optional) 
  • Advanced Password Protection
    Strong password policies are used by all equipment and servers 
On-Premise Installation

On-Premise Installation

Idea Management Deployed at Your Service 

If you prefer deploying our software on your servers (inside your intranet network), rather than using our “hosted/cloud” model, you are not alone. ~15% of Qmarkets’ customers select our on-premise solution for its scalability and ease-of-use. 

  • Seamless Deployment
    Deployable on all common hardware & Operating System (OS) platforms using either Windows or Linux 
  • Fully Compliant
    Tailored to your IT department’s guidelines, using the hardware & OS preferred, or even on your virtual servers 
  • Dedicated Support
    Our staff will guide your IT personnel both through the installation process and on an ongoing basis, providing professional and timely T2-T4 SLA support 
  • Quick & Easy
    Installation itself is very simple using standard tools. Our deployed solutions provide the highest level of data protection available, as security is fully controlled by your network specialists 
System Security Features

System Security Features

  • SSO Authentication
    Single-Sign-On is a de-facto standard for Qmarkets, with 98% of our customers using the standard SAML 2.0 protocol   
  • Strong Password Policies
    Used as a fallback method, in cases where SSO is not available, or in the case of involving end-users that are outside of your existing network 
  • Permissions & Confidentiality
    Powerful role and permission mechanisms allows you to control the data your users have access to, and the actions which they are able to take. These permissions govern every aspect of  behavior within the platform, starting from high level system roles, roles per tenant or campaigns, and even the ability to control the confidentiality and visibility of specific ideas or specific sections within an idea 

Your  Security, Our Responsibility

All above information is derived from the Qmarkets security policy, managed by our CSO and reviewed by senior management. We perform penetration tests and security audits twice a year to ensure we always uphold the highest industry standards.

All Qmarkets’ personnel are highly aware of security issues, and our security policy is incorporated into all aspects of the company – our development process, delivery process, QA, new employee training, and more.

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