Crowdsource Creativity with Innovation Management

Innovation is now a top priority for the majority of business leaders, however deciding which approach will deliver the best ROI is not always easy. Innovation Management takes the guess-work out of this process, by leveraging the “wisdom of crowds” in order to identify, develop, and implement the most valuable ideas for your organization.

Key Challenges of
Corporate Innovation Management

Cultivating a pervasive culture of innovation to deliver ongoing repeatable results

Breaking down organizational silos through effective digital collaboration

Effectively engaging internal & external stakeholders, with your strategic challenges

Overcoming top-down bureaucratic barriers to successful innovation management

What The Experts Say...

"Senior executives almost unanimously (94%) say that people and corporate culture are the most important drivers of innovation."

“Organizations must actively mine and manage the collective wisdom and experiences in the firm’s ecosystem to thrive in an increasingly competitive market.”

"Nothing will propel a company further than a culture of innovation: An atmosphere that inspires employees, every hour they're at work, to seek out innovative opportunities."

"In many organizations, there is an explicit goal of innovating in a way that is culturally inclusive to engage employees as well as benefit from their collective brainpower."

Achieve Your Strategic Business Goals
With Corporate Innovation Management

Innovate or die is a mantra that is more relevant today than ever before. However, the larger your organisation, the more difficult it can be to consistently drive innovation at scale. In order to maximize ROI, you’ll need a system in place that engages employees and external stakeholders, encouraging them to collaborate and generate ground-breaking new ideas. Once these ideas have been gathered, it’s just as important to have a means of monitoring them and measuring their effectiveness.

This is why innovation management is invaluable for enterprises facing market disruption. An innovation management strategy, coupled with a dedicated tool for implementing it, will enable your enterprise to run strategic ideation campaigns that can engage participants and target business objectives. It will also allow you to generate the key metrics required to discern which new strategy, product, or idea will deliver bottom-line value. This means more innovation with less uncertainty.

New Product & Service Development

Employ a design thinking framework through crowdsourcing to identify innovative suggestions for new products or services.

Incremental Innovation

Generate ongoing accumulative benefit for your organization by embedding innovation management into your company culture through a digital ecosystem.


Disruptive Innovation

Brainstorm to discover new markets, technologies, products or services which can facilitate change management at your company.

Open Innovation Management

Engage customers and other external stakeholders by inviting them to participate in digital co-creation engagements.


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