Achieve Breakthrough Results with Idea Management

The rapid rise of new technologies and market disruption on the corporate landscape means idea management is more crucial today than ever before. To remain competitive – and capture groundbreaking insights – companies must give employees an engaging, streamlined, and collaborative means to contribute their ideas.

Idea Management
and its Key Challenges

Idea management is the process of finding, developing, and implementing the ideas that can deliver value for an enterprise. It involves setting clear parameters for idea submissions, identifying the target audiences best positioned to contribute ideas (employees, customers, experts, etc.), and facilitating communication between stakeholders and idea managers.

An integral component of idea management is the encouragement of creativity. By providing a space where stakeholders can contribute new ideas, and have these ideas voted and commented on, managers can then distinguish, sort, and prioritize the best ideas with greater ease. Idea management can also ensure that the ideas received from internal or external participants align closely with corporate objectives.

Fostering a culture of ideation, where participants can take an active part in innovation projects

Incentivizing usersto increase participation in idea management campaigns

Filtering submissions to detect and augment ideas with the most potential

Implementing, monitoring, and measuring the ROI of new ideas submitted by your users

What The Experts Say...

"Senior executives almost unanimously (94%) say that people and corporate culture are the most important drivers of innovation."

“Organizations must actively mine and manage the collective wisdom and experiences in the firm’s ecosystem to thrive in an increasingly competitive market.”

"Nothing will propel a company further than a culture of innovation: An atmosphere that inspires employees, every hour they're at work, to seek out innovative opportunities."

"In many organizations, there is an explicit goal of innovating in a way that is culturally inclusive to engage employees as well as benefit from their collective brainpower."

Achieve Your Strategic Business Goals With Idea Management

We all know the statistics. 40% of Fortune 500 companies will be wiped out by disruption in the next decade alone. This means you can’t afford to ignore innovation, regardless of your location, revenue, or industry. But what if you’ve already invested heavily in innovation efforts and not seen an ROI? What if you’ve been given unrealistic targets and need to discover new ways to drive value?

Enter idea management. Tapping into the collective wisdom of your employees allows you to discover, develop, and implement ideas that can have a maximum impact on your bottom line. An engaging idea management system also allows you to cultivate a growth-driving culture of innovation, which can then be harnessed to deliver an ROI against any business challenge or need. 

Employee Suggestion Box

Streamline idea management by implementing an online suggestion box, allowing employees to contribute concepts for new products, services, or process improvements.

Continuous Improvement

Generate ongoing accumulative benefit for your organization by embedding idea management into your company culture through a digital employee ecosystem.

Innovation Management

Discover new ides for disruptive innovation, market opportunities, and technologies, which can facilitate change management at your company.


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