Our Q-360 Solutions

A Complementary Suite
of Collective Intelligence Solutions

Qmarkets Q-360:
Comprehensive Crowdsourcing and Innovation Management Solutions

Prediction markets, open innovation, live workshops, roundtables, hackathons and more.

These products have been developed to offer a solution to any corporate innovation challenge or timeline, and they can be purchased stand-alone or integrated together as part of a multi-purpose enterprise-grade infrastructure

Leverage the Valuable Collective Intelligence of your Employees, Customers or Business Partners

  1. Define Challenges
  2. Collect Ideas & Collaborate
  3. Evaluate & Screen
  4. Implement Top Ideas
  5. Analyze & Measure
  6. Generate Outstanding ROI for Your Organization

Qmarkets 360

Collective Intelligence Solutions for Every Business Need
Internal Crowdsourcing
External Crowdsourcing

Internal Crowdsourcing

Compress the entire idea management process into a concentrated and efficient workshop session

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Strategically promote the sharing and uptake of company-wide best practices

Capitalize on your intellectual property and track your patent programs from development through to approval.

Hybrid crowdsourcing

Track opportunities for mergers, partnerships & acquisitions with this advanced tech scouting tool

Facilitate hackathons & idea jams with end users, developers and experts

External Crowdsourcing

Involve large numbers of external stakeholders in an open innovation initiative

Engage your citizens & constituents using true digital democracy

Discover the power of prediction markets for accurate forecasting & risk assessment

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* Custom solution available. Off-the-shelf version to be released in H1 2018

Resounding Accolades

Unmatched functionality

Fully comprehensive & robust platform.

Flexibility a-la-carte

Perfectly configured to meet your company's workflows, roles, business culture, etc.

Future ready!

A scalable platform which evolves with your organization.

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