The Future of Citizen Engagement

In our increasingly social culture, engaging citizens is critical for any democratic government or municipality. Your citizens naturally know where their biggest pain points are, and surprisingly often have innovative solutions to these issues. Unless constituents themselves feel that their voices are being heard, trust may be easily lost.

Key Challenges of
Citizen Engagement

Fostering trust with the digital generation through online channels and initiatives

Leveraging the wisdom of your citizens to generate groundbreaking ideas

Avoiding policies and decisions which aren’t aligned with public opinion

Tackling the low citizen involvement rate in local and national governance

What The Experts Say...

"By dedicating resources to carry out citizen engagement work, the level of citizens’ trust in the program has been enhanced and a new inclusive, accountable model has emerged."

"Citizen engagement is a wonderful framework for the training and awareness of the citizen to the stakes of political governance."

"Technology has the potential to increase participation, enabling elected officials to solicit far greater input on decisions than would be possible by scheduling public hearings."

"Forward-looking governments recognize that technology can encourage greater citizen engagement. In response, many cities have set up call centers, web-based platforms and portals, or some combination of these strategies."

Deliver Democracy 3.0

Cultivating Co-Creation

Enable your citizens to take an active role in developing and implementing new public initiatives, while maintaining control of the public narrative.

Channeling Open Innovation

Facilitate open communication to foster participation, developing ground-breaking innovations received directly from your constituents.

Public Hackathons & Innovation Labs

Leverage the collective intelligence capabilities of a specifically targeted audience, including academia, private sector, and entrepreneurs in order to tackle strategic government challenges and goals.


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