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Introducing Qmarkets’ Brand New Website – Offering Unprecedented Insights to Help You Reach Innovation Overdrive

Qmarkets is proud to announce the launch of a completely revamped and upgraded website experience. Read on to discover the exciting details!

Over the past decade, the design of the Qmarkets website has gone through a range of unique iterations. Each of these has kept pace with the latest design trends and technical offerings, resulting in compelling and informative resources for innovation practitioners and professionals alike. However, this latest website design is more ambitious, stylish, and informative than ever.

Working with a boutique New York design agency, Qmarkets has created a site that harmonizes minimalist aesthetics with advanced usability and brand new content. Featuring a responsive interface, gorgeous product showcases, refurbished use-case pages and much more, the revamped website highlights the core benefits of the Qmarkets platform like never before.

Here are just a few of the exciting website changes and improvements that have been implemented:

  • A wealth of additional content: New pages which provide a comprehensive explanation of all Qmarkets products, editions, and features
  • Sleek, responsive design for mobile & tablets: Each page has been redesigned from scratch to look great and function smoothly on virtually any device
  • A polished, easy-to-navigate layout: The new design makes it easier than ever to discover how the platform can address specific innovation requirements
  • New Use-Case page designs: Dedicated pages now address unique challenges faced by specific industries, as well as how they can be overcome
  • Eye-catching illustrations & sliders: The new visually-centered design makes for an aesthetic and interactive browsing experience

With the key improvements identified, let’s take a closer look at how the various pages of the new website have been upgraded.

employee innovation illustrationDiscover How Qmarkets Can Meet Your Industry Requirements

Whether you’re looking to improve logistics workflows for your transport company, engage more citizens for government initiatives, or launch any other innovation project, be sure to browse our new Use-Case pages.

The revamped design highlights the principal challenges faced by various industries – with information supported by analyst quote sliders. It then details how Qmarkets’ products can help you overcome these challenges and drive real value to your business. Our new Use-Case pages are divided according to specific industries (Finance, Transport, etc) as well as challenges which can apply across industries (Digital Transformation, Technology Scouting, etc). This makes it easier than ever to discover how the Qmarkets platform can help you overcome barriers to innovation and withstand disruption.

See More ‘Under the Hood’

The new ‘Under the Hood’ pages – Features, Security & Deployment, and Integrations– offer a wealth of additional content, providing unprecedented insight into the technical functionality of the Qmarkets platform.The new Features page provides a clear overview of the idea management journey – covering which tools and features you’ll find at each stage in the process. The page also offers previously unrevealed content and graphics, delivering a more holistic view of how the platform can streamline ideation to generate major returns.

The new Security and Deployments page will establish peace of mind and satisfy the questions posed by internal IT experts. It offers technical details on how customer data is safeguarded and backed up (both physically and digitally). The new drop-down module interface makes finding the information you require a quick and easy process. For the first time in Qmarket’s website iterations, we have an Integration page containing a comprehensive list of integration options. These options have been categorized into easy-to-navigate subsections, including Human Resources, Enterprise Social Networks, and Project Management & PLM, Portals, and more.

Find the Right Qmarkets Edition & Associated Products

The Qmarkets Editions page has been fleshed out with additional info and given a vivid new layout. The key features of each edition, along with the core benefits they afford, have been neatly summarized and combined with icons. This makes the process of browsing through and finding the edition that is right for you smoother and simpler than ever.

Qmarkets’ Product pages (Q-ideate, Q-scout, Q-optimize and Q-open) have also been upgraded significantly. Each page now includes a ‘how does it work?’ module, providing a step-by-step rundown of how the product can be used to increase innovation, reach key targets, and yield measurable results. Maps listing the key attributes and technological capabilities of each product are also included on each page.

We’re excited to share the most ambitious and comprehensive iteration of the Qmarkets website to date. When we set out on this project, our aim was to refresh our page designs for greater visual appeal and usability. We also wanted to enhance our content based on the feedback of our growing partner and customer base. It’s great to see the project incorporating these factors finally come to fruition.

We hope you like the new website design, and we’re committed to making it bigger and better in years to come. If you have any feedback, be sure to drop us a line.

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