Idea Software Integrations

Active Directory & SSO

The success of an idea management process depends on the participation and response of your users, therefore it’s important to make their access to the platform as easy and simple as possible.

Qmarkets idea software enables you to carry out a one-time integration to your back-end database of employees (Active Directory with ADFS, or connections with other identify providers, such as SAP), allowing your users to smoothly login to our platform without the need for a user name/password.

On a more technical level, the Qmarkets SSO is able to use common, standard protocols, such as Kerberos or  SAML, as well as other proprietary methods your internal IT department uses.


The second aspect of active directory

Integration is to synchronize the Qmarkets user database with your organizational info, including information about users such as department, job description, branch location, tenure, etc. This information can be very useful when running reports or for inviting people with a specific profile to participate in a specific campaign (i.e. a campaign that is open for a specific department/s, branches or geographic locations (city/country/region).The idea software integration can be performed using an automatic file based synchronization performed once a day/week through secured FTP, or using an LDAP integration for integrating directly with your AD.

Sharepoint integration


Microsoft SharePoint is used by many companies as the main platform for the company’s intranet portal, document management and content management.

As such Qmarkets offers a seamless integration to SharePoint allowing users to view personalized information from the Qmarkets platform directly on the SharePoint portal and even search for ideas through the SharePoint search, leveraging the advantages of both platforms.

BY installing the Qmarkets SharePoint WebPart, Qmarkets enables your users to view personalized information that fits their definitions and profile, such as:

  • Currently active idea campaigns (for current user according to his permissions)
  • Top 5 idea submitted in last week
  • Recent ideas in areas I am interested in
  • Top contributors from my department
  • and more

 The integration contains a simple configuration to allow the SharePoint site admin to select which content to show and in which format.

  • Present your branded content that fits your portal specifications

  • View information about the activity of other users in the Qmarkets application when visiting the user’s personal profile pages on SharePoint

  • Search for Qmarkets related content using SharePoint

  • Link attachments to any Qmarkets content directly to a SharePoint file, making sure that documents are all stored in one central place

Company portal integration

Company Portal Integration

The integration with your organization’s portal makes selected Qmarkets idea management highlights available directly from your web portal. This integration is available with a wide range of portals, including SharePoint, SAP NetWeaver and any other portal.This means that your employees  will be able to instantly follow up on Qmarkets’ statistics and activities from the company’s portal.

The integration will show users personalized information that fits their definitions and profile, including:

  • Currently active idea campaigns (‘active’ for current user according to his permissions)
  • Top 5 idea submitted in last week
  • Recent ideas in areas I am interested in
  • Top contributors from my department
  • And more

The integration also enables you to present users’ activity in the Qmarkets application on their portal’s personal profile pages, like ideas they recently submitted or commented on, campaigns they participated in etc.

Qmarkets can easily integrate with any portal you work with using our API, allowing you to easily build custom widgets to fit your needs.

Enterprise Social Software

Qmarkets integration with popular enterprise social networks such as Jive, Yammer and SalesForce, enables you to leverage the benefits of both platforms, by letting your promoting Qmarkets activities on your Social Software and allowing employees easily find what’s relevant & personalized Qmarkets content and information directly from your enterprise social software.

The integration enables you to provide employees with ongoing feeds related to Qmarkets activity, these feeds can include information such as:

  • New idea was submitted
  • Your idea was promoted
  • You were invited to a new challenge

The integration also enables users to view and follow up on Qmarkets highlights via the organizations’ social network, for example:

  • Recent ideas
  • My ideas
  • Active challenges

 The date presented is personalized and dynamic, which means that users view data according to their permissions, groups etc. and that the data is always updated and linked directly to Qmarkets data.


The integration of Qmarkets idea management platform with SAP’s software for human resources (HR) enables you to extract user profile information from the SAP database and synchronize it with Qmarkets database.

The integration also enables you to update your HR SAP system with incentive points and bonuses that employees gained by submitting, rating and contributing to ideas in the Qmarkets platform.

SAP NetWeaver Portal

 The integration with your SAP NetWeaver portal creates an easy entry point for information related to Qmarkets activities. With this integration, you can track challenges and ideas in SAP,  providing you quick access to real-time content from Qmarkets platform. This content includes:

  • Information about active idea challenges (according to the user’s permissions)
  • Statistics: Top ideas, most rated ideas etc.
  • Personalized data: recent ideas in areas of interest, top contributors from my department etc.

Social Networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

Social networks offer you a variety of ways to leverage users to communicate your message. Our integration with social networks allows you to spread your innovation process through poplar social networks and enhance your innovation and brand exposure.

This integration is suitable for open innovation processes, that enables organizations to rely on external knowledge, ideas and expertise to accelerate their innovation.

Facebook integration

The integration of Qmarkets idea management with Facebook, enables your customers and external users to easily login or register to the site using their Facebook login with one click.

Participants can recommend/like challenges, ideas or comments in order to share it with their Facebook friends.

Qmarkets can even run as a Facebook Application – which means your users will never leave your Facebook page, and the entire interaction will be performed within the Facebook window – while still offering the full range of Qmarkets capabilities.

This integration can help you reach more users that can contribute their creativity to your innovation process and engage them to this process in a fun and familiar environment.

Twitter and LinkedIn integration

The integration of Qmarkets with Twitter and LinkedIn provide your users with an easy and simple access to Qmarkets platform. All they have to do is to login to Qmarkets using their Twitter or LinkedIn username and password and immediately take part in your innovation challenge.

Your users can also Twit about an idea, campaigns or comment using one click – promoting your idea management activities to their friends and followers.

Twitter / Linkedin integration

Project Management Software

Although Qmarkets offers built-in project management capabilities, many of our customers already have their own project management software. For this reason Qmarkets project management integration enables organizations to monitor the development of ideas after they are approved. Once an idea passes through all the stages of the idea management process and it is chosen to be implemented, you can easily convert the idea into a project in any project management platform that you use (For example: Microsoft project, JIRA, Teamwork, Basecamp and more.

Our project management integration allows you to seamlessly copy all the relevant information about your chosen idea or group of ideas from Qmarkets to your project management platform in one click. The integration connects between the two platforms and enables Qmarkets platform to scan for updates on your project progress, current status, budget etc, and update this data on the Qmarkets platform.

Project Lifecycle Management Software (PLM)

Qmarkets integration with leading PLM software solutions helps optimize the idea management beyond the implementation stage. The integrated process provides you with a complete management solution from the introduction and screening of new ideas using Qmarkets software, through planning, development, manufacturing and support management using the PLM solution.

The integration of Qmarkets with PLM solutions helps you to receive an end to end solution that tracks the evolution of your ideas into products without losing information.

PLM software integration

The integration allows you to convert a Qmarkets idea that has matured into an object on your PLM software in one click. It is also recommended to create a synchronization between the two platforms, by allowing Qmarkets to receive updates on the progress and evolution of products that originated from Qmarkets ideas, in order to be able to run a wide range of statistics and ROI calculations. The data provided by Qmarkets analytics and reporting package can be easily imported into the PLM software, allowing you to track the success of ideas in the field, and present this data in summary reports

PLM integration advantages

  • Track and manage ideas from initiation through product development, manufacturing and support
  • Track your innovation process ROI
  • Obtain a unified view of your ideas progress
  • Create complete reports about new products lifecycle
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