Banking on Innovation

The finance industry is facing a constant wave of disruption, and new market forces are consistently pushing the boundaries of technology innovation. Many traditional financial institutes are frequently finding themselves playing catch-up, while others are forging ahead.

Key Challenges

How to avoid disruption from Fintech Startups

Prominence of cryptocurrencies and cyber threats

Growing consumer distrust of traditional institutions

Compliance with increasing 
regulatory restriction

What The Experts Say...

"Banks and other banking and investment services organizations clearly recognize that the status quo is not sustainable, and they must disrupt themselves before it is done to them."

"The challenges of low rates and disruptive technology call for dramatic improvements in efficiency... Banks will need to transform their operating models and harness technology."

"The macro-economic environment, competitive forces, regulatory and technological change continue to put pressure on traditional business models across the financial industry."

Surviving Disruption in the
Financial Industry

Discover how your organization can leverage collective intelligence
to fight back and become more innovative.

Financial Innovation Management

Engage your employees to deliver innovative new products and services which can create “Blue Oceans” and help differentiate you from the competition.

Tech Scouting

Deliver disruptive innovation for your organization by identifying opportunities for Mergers & Acquisitions of valuable banking technology, talented people, and innovative fintech startups.

Continuous Improvement

Involve your employees in initiatives that deliver incremental innovation to help the company reduce waste, save costs, optimize processes, and improve services.


Leading finance companies choose Qmarkets

Discover how your organization can also leverage collective intelligence to tackle your ongoing challenges and meet your strategic goals

Here's why...

“Qmarkets truly is a one stop shop for continuous process improvement… allowing us to easily bring together team members from across the globe to brainstorm, collaborate, and knowledge share.”

Jessica Burch
Business Process Consultant, WOW Program Lead at a Leading Payment Solutions Provider

"Qmarkets’ experience implementing similar systems in countless other companies around the globe was a great help... I see Qmarkets as a central system which supports the innovation process at the ISA."

Yael Weiss Efron
Innovation Manager

"Qmarkets was not only the most financially attractive, but also the most technically ergonomic solution which we found."

Jean-Philippe Mathes
Director of Finances

"Qmarkets software is the engine of Bank Leumi’s innovation management initiative, and it answers the exact needs of the organization across multiple levels."

Ran Gavriel Zivan
Head of Internal Innovation & "Leumi Ideas"

"Out of 20 innovation management vendors, Qmarkets was the only software which adapted perfectly to our needs."

Zdenek Houser

Qmarkets Features
Favored by Finance Companies

Configurable workflows and advanced self-admin capabilities to fit exact corporate requirements

Multi-tenancy & subsystems for creating unique processes to fit to different divisions within companies with tens of thousands of employees

Strong security credentials and confidentiality permissions, ensuring regulatory compliance

Deployment Options:

On-premise or secured cloud environment

Mutli-lingual translation for global users

Integrations with legacy systems and external platforms (SSO, Jive, Yammer, etc.)

Responsive design for engaging users on mobile devices

Your Q-360 Suite of Collective Intelligence Solutions

Discover Qmarkets’ next-gen product portfolio, tailored to meet any business need or challenge.

Business Innovation Brief

A Finance Sector Innovation Success Story

In this case study, discover how the credit card division of ISPC – a major banking group managing over 600 million annual transactions – launched their successful employee crowdsourcing initiative with Qmarkets.

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