Catalyzing Corporate Scouting Initiatives

Large organizations are often faced with huge barriers to continuously researching and delivering new innovations. Smart companies are beginning to look outwards, scouting the market for external disruptive business opportunities to expedite innovation.

Key Challenges of
Corporate Scouting

Efficiently managing a scouting portfolio made up of constantly evolving opportunities

Measuring, tracking & showing a clear ROI for each of your M&A scouting initiatives

Effectively connecting strategic corporate needs and the right external business opportunities

Securing project buy-in from internal company decision makers and experts

What The Experts Say...

"M&A and divestitures are increasingly critical to business success."

"Large companies must develop a new M&A strategy that’s more in tune with how progressive companies do business if they hope to keep pace with digital disruption."

"Digital disruption will only intensify. As it does, companies in all industries will increasingly consider M&A as a way to adapt."

"Companies need a new M&A playbook to generate value: The top two success factors in acquiring innovative startups are integrating the acquired technology or service (71%) and maintaining the target’s innovative culture (62%)."

Launch and Sustain
Your Scouting Mission

Mergers and Acquisitions

Establish KPIs and generate reports to analyze business development M&A opportunities, which can deliver a huge impact on your company’s competitive edge.

Scouting Your Way to Success

Utilize corporate scouting as a part of your product development plan, identifying technologies which can enhance or revolutionize your offering.


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