Discover Breakthrough Ideas with an Employee Innovation Program

Reaching innovation is a key challenge for any business in a competitive market. However, often the best source of innovation is actually within the company itself – the employees. The most successful companies are the ones who capitalize on this asset, using employee suggestion software to transform ideas into results.

Key Challenges of
Employee Innovation Management

Driving an internal innovation culture, reaching both disruptive and incremental innovation

Breaking down organizational silos through effective digital transformation

Effectively engaging employees or decision makers, harnessing their collective intelligence

Overcoming top-down bureaucratic barriers to successful innovation

What The Experts Say...

"Senior executives almost unanimously (94%) say that people and corporate culture are the most important drivers of innovation."

“Organizations must actively mine and manage the collective wisdom and experiences in the firm’s ecosystem to thrive in an increasingly competitive market.”

"Nothing will propel a company further than a culture of innovation: An atmosphere that inspires employees, every hour they're at work, to seek out innovative opportunities."

"In many organizations, there is an explicit goal of innovating in a way that is culturally inclusive to engage employees as well as benefit from their collective brainpower."

Achieve Your Strategic Business Goals
With an Employee Innovation Program

Your employee base is a treasure trove of innovation potential just waiting to be opened! By giving each member of your company a simple way to offer suggestions for new services, products, or process improvements, you can sustain productive ideation and generate major ROI. Online suggestion box software can give employees not only a means to offer their ideas, but to comment and collaborate on the ideas submitted by their peers. This, in turn, ensures that each idea is enriched with input from staff with diverse skill sets. Having a unified innovation management system in place will streamline this process, and allow the best employee ideas to come to the surface. 

New Product Development

Employ a design thinking framework through crowdsourcing to identify innovative suggestions for new products or services.

Incremental Innovation

Generate ongoing accumulative benefit for your organization by embedding idea management and keep track of all innovation activities with the ‘Sonar’ visualization tool.

Disruptive Innovation

Use an online suggestion box and brainstorm to discover new markets, technologies, products, or services which can facilitate change management at your company.

"Blue Oceans"

Identify hidden opportunities which can open the door for new markets and position your company as an industry leader.

Want to Innovate Like a Startup?

Discover how our Q-ideate platform can help you to cultivate a culture of intrapreneurship and deliver innovation results for your company.

Leading Global Enterprises Innovate with Qmarkets!

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Qmarkets' Innovation Management Ecosystem

Meet Qmarkets’ vision of the corporate innovation ecosystem. This diagram aims to encapsulate the full spectrum of strategic innovation activity; from the many potential sources of inspiration and insight, through the varied systems and processes of idea development, to the bottom-line outcomes and deliverables that are ultimately generated.

Front End Discovery
Innovate & Craft
Research, track, and manage relevant trends to create a collaborative knowledgebase that can help fuel innovation across your company.
Trace, evaluate and manage your technology scouting activities, to optimize your ability to bring more successful partnerships and new technology adoption into your company.
The leading idea management solution for capturing the collective intelligence of any audience to generate ground-breaking results.
Maximize the results of continuous improvement and performance excellence initiatives by leveraging the collective intelligence of your employees.
Easily manage the progress & impact of all you innovation projects using one central, intuitive & collaborative space.

Resounding Accolades

Discover why Qmarkets is consistently recognized by leading analysts as a multi-award winning solution.

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Read Gartner’s 2016 Market Guide for Innovation Management Solutions

Read MWD Advisors' report on Qmarkets’ packaged approach to innovation, 2018

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