How Philip Morris International is Leading 'Self-Disruptive' Business Model Innovation

Webinar Idea Management Success Story

Many companies are now embracing innovation in the face of market disruption, but few of them are brave enough to abandon the product that made them successful to begin with. Hosted by Innovation Research Interchange (IRI), this strategic CPG innovation webinar offers key insights on the Philip Morris International’s ‘self-disruption’ strategy, and how Qmarkets’ software is supporting it.

What Will You Learn?

First-hand insights from Vincent Ducret – head of FastForward Communities at PMI – covering how the company is championing this revolutionary business model innovation initiative

How to use a strategic blueprint for a successful project launch with the president of EDG, Laszlo Gyorffy

Field-proven best practices of innovation management technology from Qmarkets’ Co-founder, Michael Stilger

Webinar Speakers

Vincent Ducret
Head of FastForward Communities
Michael Stilger
Senior Vice President & Co-Founder

Webinar Schedule

In this webinar you will discover how the world’s most successful cigarette company is transforming to succeed in today’s fast-changing and disruptive CPG market.

01:16 min
Overview of Qmarkets Services and Idea Management Best Practices
12:36 min
Succeeding to “Self Disruption” with Vincent Ducret
29:44 min
Strategic Blueprint for Successful Project Launch Presentation by Laszlo Gyorffy
40:03 min

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