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Article Innovation Management
In this article we explore how dedicated innovation management can drive innovation in education in 2024 and...
by Elliott Wilkins
5 min
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Article Best Practices Idea Management Innovation Management
In recent years, the concept of crowdsourcing has become an increasingly common tool used in response to large scale crises and world...
by Elliott Wilkins
6 min
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Article Innovation Management Technology Scouting Trend Management
For several years now, the pursuit of innovation has been established as one of the top priorities for senior leaders at large...
by Elliott Wilkins
4 min
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Article Best Practices Idea Management Innovation Management
There are certain benefits to innovation software that are difficult to measure, and others that are quite obvious. This blog post will...
by Elliott Wilkins
3 min
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Elliott Wilkins

As the Marketing Manager for Qmarkets, Elliott has spent the last decade totally immersed in the world of corporate innovation. In this role he has focused mainly on delivering strategic resources to support innovation professionals, including articles, guide books, webinars, reports, and events. With a background in Journalism Elliott has a passion for storytelling and loves collaborating with clients to help showcase the fascinating details of their innovation programs.