Discover the Advantages of Idea Software & Optimized Innovation Management…

Learning from the Best…

From multinational automotive manufacturers to high-tech medical organizations, at Qmarkets we’ve now helped hundreds of leading companies across the globe to achieve astounding and innovative results. One of the most important parts of this process is listening to the feedback that our customers provide, and using it to improve not only the system that they are using but also every other system that we produce.

Over the last few years we’ve compiled all the feedback that we’ve received on the user interface that our products use, and today we’re pleased to announce the results.


After undertaking months of experimentation and analysis, we’ve assembled a cohesive set of updates that complement each other to create a truly revolutionary innovation management software experience…


Leverage the Advantages of Idea Software Everywhere

At Qmarkets we know all too well that sometimes the best ideas will occur in the most unlikely of places (– e.g. the shower). With that in mind, we’ve always made sure that our software is accessible in a number of ways. However, while previously our system was adaptive to different browsers, we’re pleased to announce that we are now gradually rolling out a fully responsive version of our software to our existing customer base.

This means that no matter what device you’re using to view our system, you will get a fully-optimized user experience with no compromise in quality – either cosmetic or functional. This is already having a significant impact for customers who began using a Beta version recently, so we can’t wait to share it with everyone else. …Just make sure your device is waterproof if you’re taking it in the shower!

Next-Gen Navigation Interface

While our customers have always praised our intuitive and engaging user interface, with such a feature-rich product it has sometimes been a challenge to find the right balance between performance and aesthetic design. In this new release, we believe we’ve finally cracked the code, and made unmatched functionality look easy…

advantages of idea software collage

Take for example the “idea page”. Navigation is simplified with a sidebar that allows you to dash straight to the section you need, making it easier than ever to benefit from the advantages of idea management software. Social actions that are sleek and functional, and there is now a crowd-voting HUD (Heads Up Display) that follows the user as they scroll. Sublime, ground-breaking improvements like this are everywhere in the system, and most of these are so intuitive that you won’t even notice them…


Ultimate Engagement, Ultimate Collaboration

Engagement is a key factor in the success of any innovation project, which is why we’ve implemented many new features to make sure your users keep coming back for more:

  • Notifications tab: A compelling function that is used to notify users of any task that they must complete
  • My page: Allowing users to easily track their own activity in the system, including idea, campaigns, and even comments
  • Upgraded Profile page: Now more sleek and beautiful than ever, the profile page also displays a brand-new engaging badge & points system
  • How does it work: Especially for new users, this includes a slide that guides them through the ideation process, also linking to a customizable full-page walkthrough
  • Automated messages: After submitting an idea, users will be shown additional instructions to make sure they always know what to do next
  • Classic Qmarkets Flexibility: We know how important it is to make your users feel at home, so we’re still offering just as much design flexibility as ever, allowing you to create an innovation platform that aligns both visually and functionally with your specific brand identity and unique company culture


This is just a sample of the new set of features that make this one of the most important releases since Qmarkets was founded. We are all very proud of the fact that 10 years on, and we are still pushing forward the boundaries of innovation and idea management with this new update, but as explained above… we couldn’t have done it without your feedback.

If you’d like to see everything that this new release has to offer, or find out more about the advantages of idea software, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and schedule a live demonstration with us today!

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