Qmarkets is Proud to be Recognized as a Leader in Report on Innovation Management Software Solutions

Qmarkets the provider of cutting edge innovation software to global leading brands, is pleased to announce that the company has been recognized as an industry leader in the Q2 2016 Forrester Wave report on Innovation Management Solutions. The report, which analyzed 15 vendors against a set of 26 criteria, ranked Qmarkets’ Q-max product in the top 2 in the current offering category, with a score of 4.82 out of 5.0.

Qmarkets – the 2nd highest offering score out of 15 vendors

Qmarkets was one of the leaders in this report, receiving some of the highest marks within the “current offering” category. For the “back end underlying governance processes and structures” top-level criteria, Qmarkets received the highest score of any vendor with 4.82 out of 5. While in the “Front-End Innovation and Idea Management processes” criterion Qmarkets received the highest possible score of 5.00 out of 5.00.

Forrester ChartQmarkets CEO and founder Noam Danon shared that “We are happy to see that once again one of the leading independent research firms in the world has recognized what we believe is our superior product offering in this growing market.”

The Forrester research paper also gave Qmarkets the second highest score for the “Market Presence” out of all vendors, receiving high scores for “Geographic scope”, “Existing customer base”, and “B2C and B2B focus” within this category.

Qmarkets aims to provide robust, scalable, and tailored innovation solutions to meet changing customer, management, and employee expectations”

“We are delighted that Forrester has highlighted what we feel is our unique ability to offer customers an unmatched level of flexibility as a clear advantage in this competitive market”, says Danon, referring to Forrester’s analysis that “Qmarkets encourages customers to configure innovation solutions to internal processes and requirements.” The research firm’s report also added that “Going forward, Qmarkets is prepared for the shift from front-end innovation to solutions that emphasize running efficient processes, content analysis, and visualization tools”

Qmarkets’ customer feedback

Positive feedback from Qmarkets’ customers was also present in this report, with one stating that “the possibility of testing the Qmarkets tool in a sandbox environment with a few selective employees before rolling it out on a larger scale was helpful for launching their disruptive innovation initiatives.”

Qmarkets’ SVP of Global Solutions, Michael Stilger, shared “Nothing brings us more joy than seeing that our customers appreciate the efforts we put into delivering a successful innovation initiative. So it’s great to have the opportunity to share this feedback with everyone else!”

Furthermore, the Forrester report notes “Qmarkets’ cloud approach is mentioned by customers as very helpful to speed up innovation programs. Customers also mentioned positively that because of the intuitive nature of the tool, no training was required.

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