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Qmarkets Spring Product Release 2019: Get to the Cutting Edge of Innovation Management…

With Big Data, Machine Learning, and a more engaging user experience than ever before, Qmarkets’ latest product release delivers a set of advancements which push forward the frontier of innovation management, and help you drive more bottom-line value from your project.

At Qmarkets we take both our technology and the customers who use it, very seriously… Because of this, we’ve always avoided the trend of misusing terms like ‘Artificial Intelligence’, ‘Big Data’ and ‘Machine Learning’ to describe features or capabilities which they do not apply to. Behind the scenes, however, our engineers have been working hard on these directions, and we are now happy to report that we’ve made some exciting progress…

Discover how these new developments can help you take your employee innovation process to the next level, and exponentially multiply the efficiency, engagement, and effectiveness of your initiative… 


machine learning

Using Machine Learning to Recommend Experts

In any people-powered-innovation process, the most important resource is of course, the people. However, when managing a process with thousands of users spread out globally, it can be very difficult to make the most of their individual skills and specialties. While Qmarkets has always made it as easy as possible to find the right users for your specific needs, this has now been taken to a new level of intelligence and automation.

Utilizing a sophisticated set of dynamic user data and behavior, the Qmarkets system now uses a machine learning process to recommend the most relevant users to fulfil the specific role you’re looking for, in relation to the specific idea or campaign that you’re looking at.

Qmarkets’ machine-learning functionality automatically recommends the most relevant users for the role you’re trying to assign.

Whether you want to assign a qualified expert to offer in-depth analysis, a suitable idea manager who can help refine and develop an idea, or the best project manager to transform your idea into a reality, Qmarkets now makes this easier than ever. Best of all, the longer you’re using the system the more accurate and useful these recommendations will become.


sonar iconAn Essential Tool for any Innovation Management Captain

radar v6 NEW SHAPE 002
Qmarkets’ Sonar allows you to cross-reference a wide range of criteria, including company goals or the idea category, multiple profile fields such as country or department, and engagement metrics, like average rating and number of comments…

Another significant update in this release is the redevelopment of Qmarkets’ “Sonar”. This powerful visualization tool allows you to gain a new strategic perspective on any activity in your system, segmenting ideas,  startups, or trends by a wide variety of idea and user criteria and positioning them according to additional data points such as the forecasted risk, cost, and potential of each idea. This functionality can be incredibly useful for power users of our platform, who need to efficiently understand and optimize activity on their platform.

For example, this tool allows you to easily recognize if there is a bottleneck at a specific stage in the workflow, focus on an opportunity in a specific area, or identify a lot of high-potential ideas coming from a specific team.

This reporting visualization tool can be leveraged in unique ways depending on the specific Qmarkets product which you’re using it with. However, no matter the use-case, Qmarkets’ sonar offers a decisive advantage to your users.


clusteringAutomated Idea Clusters

One of the biggest challenges in the ‘fuzzy front end’ of innovation, is taking the very first step towards refining your initial group of ideas. While it’s better to have too many ideas than not enough, manually filtering through hundreds, or even thousands of ideas, can become an impossible bottleneck to squeeze through…

No two ideas are identical, however you will often come across several ideas which offer a similar solution to a single challenge, but still contain unique valuable insights. For more than 5 years we have been allowing our customers to identify similar ideas or group them together manually, but this has now been taken to a whole new level of sophistication –  we now give you the power to automatically cluster your ideas on a campaign or system-wide level, with the click of a single button. These idea clusters are then displayed through a brand-new dynamic dashboard visualization.

Automatic clustering makes it easy to get an overview of system-wide trends and zoom in on specific ideas within a specific theme.

This revolutionary new feature uses powerful text mining to ensure your automatically created clusters are also automatically given the most appropriate label/title, making it easier than ever to turn your main pool of ideas into a focused group of concepts. Once a cluster is created it then becomes easy to visually identify the ideas within it that have the highest ‘buzz’.


kanban iconEnhanced Intuitive Workflow Management

In addition to this, Qmarkets’ “Kanban” functionality has also been improved with this release. Kanban is a popular workflow methodology which enables the efficient management of elements (or in this case, ideas, tasks, and startups), through an intuitive and engaging interface.


Web 1920 – 4
With Kanban you can easily drag and drop ideas from one stage in your workflow to the next

Qmarkets’ new Kanban features include enhanced drag & drop functionality, making it easier than ever to move ideas from one stage in your funnel to the next. This feature naturally reflects Qmarkets’ flexibility around states and fields, which means that users will only be shown what is relevant for them, only be required to fill the information that is relevant for them, and only make changes in line with their unique user permissions.

These updates will make a huge difference for power-users and moderators within the system, potentially saving them hours of work. However, this visualization is also open to regular users when viewing their own tasks, which makes it an essential feature for any idea management project.


social engagementEnhanced Social Engagement

fb icon

Getting your audience to check out your platform for the first time is one thing, but in order to integrate it into their every-day activity, you need to complement your user experience with modern and intuitive social features. This product release includes a variety of engaging new social tools to ensure your users keep coming back for more. However for companies who still want to engage their employees ‘where they already are’ – rather than inviting them to a new platform – Qmarkets now offers seamless integration with Facebook Workplace.

google workplace

Complementing our existing family of social integrations, this integration makes it possible for you to post your campaigns directly to your company Workplace, where you can gather ideas, comments and votes. This data will then automatically get pulled directly over to the Qmarkets system for workflow progression and analysis.


A Sign of Things to Come… future icon

As always, the superiority of the Qmarkets product is evident in the breakthrough features and developments showcased in this release, further consolidating Qmarkets’ status as a trend-setter in the innovation management market. However, this is just a taste of things to come, with even more exciting developments in the areas of artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning already on the horizon…

If you’re serious about corporate innovation and want to understand how these features can help you and your company, speak to a member of our team today.

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