Qmarkets Teams up with Veteran Corporate Innovator to Boost European Presence

Professor Dr. Mark Harris, an internationally recognized innovator, entrepreneur, and founder of innova.ventures, and Qmarkets, the leading provider of idea management software, partner to leverage each other’s strengths and offer combined benefits to clients.

TEL AVIV, March 27th, 2018 – Professor Dr. Mark Harris and Qmarkets are joining forces to transform the way innovation is conceptualized, organized, strengthened, and realized at SME’s and larger corporations in Europe’s IT, mobile, communications, mechanical engineering, pharma, chemistry, and finance sectors.

The central theme of this collaboration is a question that haunts many executives when they think about how they’re encouraging and managing innovation at their organizations: “Are we doing this right?” Dr. Harris offers strategic and practical guidance that can be immediately applied to effect change while the Qmarkets platform embodies the missing link between innovative company culture and actual innovations – a hub where collective company intelligence can lead to concrete action.

By bringing Qmarkets’ technology-enabled idea management solution to innovation-seeking organizations across the business spectrum, Dr. Harris will help speed up the unique digital transformation journey of each company and accelerate their growth initiatives. Qmarkets, in turn, will offer Dr. Harris’ vast wisdom, visionary leadership, skills and experience to a variety of current and future clients.

Dr. Harris is an influential tech industry veteran with deep expertise in building, managing, and leading innovation teams in Europe and EMEA. After three successful decades working at Intel, and teaching innovation around the world, he went on to found innova.ventures where he currently works. Through innova.ventures, Harris delivers powerful turn-key trainings, unique seminars, and tailored consulting services.

“Individually, both innova.ventures and Qmarkets are exceptionally strong,” says Dr. Harris. “Together, our combined competencies will allow us to be one of the few providers of such a useful knowledge pool for any innovation management challenge in any industry. I am pleased to be recommending Qmarkets’ targeted, scaleable set of idea and innovation management solutions to my client base.”

“We are pleased to officially announce our strategic alliance with innova ventures,” says Qmarkets SVP Global Solutions, Michael Stilger. “This partnership will give us the opportunity to expand our unique capabilities to better serve our combined customer base. Dr. Harris’ visionary leadership will deliver superior value to our clients and as such this alliance represents an important step forward, illustrating our snowballing expansion into different markets, especially in Europe.”

About Qmarkets

Qmarkets is the leading provider of collective intelligence solutions for enterprises from a wide range of business sectors and geographies. Inspired by the philosophy of “The wisdom of the crowds,” we generate value for organizations by allowing them to receive idea submissions from their employees, partners, or customers. This can be used to tackle a huge variety of different business challenges, from performance excellence, to innovation, to NPD.

Our unmatched configuration capabilities allow us to design each system to fulfill the exact visual and technical requirements of each of our customers. This along with our full suite of evaluation tools, and a global network of partners, enables us to maximize the success of every project we work on. In addition to our idea management software we offer tech-scouting platforms, live innovation workshops, a prediction markets module, and much more.

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