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Innovation plays an essential role in every organization’s success. There is no need to ask “why to innovate?” the real question is “how to innovate?”

Qmarkets is the only innovation management solution to win 3 Info-Tech excellence awards!

The key to implementing a successful innovation culture that produces real results and benefits, is a structured process of harmonizing and synchronizing people and tools. Innovation leadership, if you will.

Sounds complicated? Not at all!

The philosophy behind Qmarkets’ innovation management software is that the genius of the crowd and crowdsourcing as well as of the individual need to be accessed, captured and released. Those people can be employees, customers, prospects, partners, suppliers or any other person who has interest in the company.

This innovation crowdsourcing platform enables organizations to collect, identify, refine, select and manage new innovative ideas, as well as engaging the various groups involved in the process, by making them part of an effective innovation strategy and exciting Innovation culture.



The platform enables organizations to collect, identify, refine, select and manage new innovative ideas

Qmarket’s solution enables any organization to easily implement and take advantage of the main methods of innovation management:

Crowdsourced innovation management software – How does it work?

Using Qmarkets powerful, collaborative and user-friendly platform, different stakeholders can suggest new innovative ideas for the company. Other users can comment on and rate submitted ideas, help develop the ideas, and allow the company identify the ideas which are most popular.

After the initial brainstorm, selected ideas may be evaluated by smaller groups of decision makers, such as experts or managers. Those selected ideas, may also be rated further using the wide range of Qmarkets sophisticated rating tools.

The innovation crowd-sourcing platform manages each idea’s complete life cycle, from the initial spark of an idea, until the idea is rejected, or approved and then implemented.

The platform’s availability through any mobile device or browser helps the organization overcome location, time-zone and language barriers.

Watch this short video:

Your platform. Your rules.

We understand that every organization (and often every department or office within the same organization) has different processes and different requirements. This is why Qmarkets has developed the most flexible and easily adaptable idea management platform available in the market today. Instead of adapting your processes to what our software can do, we configure our software to fit your exact needs using the power of crowdsourcing.

What do you get? innovation management process that fits your requirements.

Forrester Research recognizes Qmarkets as a leader in it’s field. Download Forrester Wave Innovation Management Report (PDF) >>>


We offer 3 editions of innovation management software:

This state-of-the-art ideas software was designed to fulfill the most high-end enterprise grade requirements, molding to fit each customers’ existing processes and culture.

Q-max helps you easily launch, manage and monitor multi-stages processes, while ensuring all the right functioned are involved in the process and making sure you stay focused on your goals.

With hundreds of configuration options and a full suite of powerful evaluation tools, Q-max is the perfect innovation management tool for global corporations, and companies who have fully developed their innovation initiative, in terms of both complexity and audience size.


  • 90% of setup features included in the price, with the option to integrate any advanced evaluation features
  • Custom evaluation workflow/s
  • Multi-tenancy and subsystems
  • Fully customized homepage (structure, navigation, and design)
  • Optional project & portfolio management modules
  • Includes all features and functionality from Q-start & Q-flex

Q-flex is a flexible a-la-carte with our best-practice off-the-shelf solution, and pick and choose the features and options which suit your operational requirements ‘à la carte’ – allowing you to minimize your initial expenses, without compromising on future potential functionality.

This platform is a perfect fit for organisations that have already experimented with running idea management projects, and have decided to run a project that is configured to their specific audience and challenges.

Q-flex is both powerful and scalable, offering an easy migration path to Q-max and beyond.


  • Custom homepage design – choose from a wide variety of templates to create a homepage which matches your objectives
  • Custom submission form – define a unique form to meet your needs; using one of our templates or creating one from scratch
  • 2 deployment options – SaaS or deployed locally on-premise
  • Personalized communication
  • Optional mobile app
  • Any number of users, 20 – 10,000,000
  • Includes all features and functionality from Q-start

The end-result of more than 8 years’ of innovation management experience, this turn-key solution utilizes best practice designs to reliably create invaluable business results. These make Q-start the ideal platform, both for emerging SMEs as well as dedicated business units located within a larger organisation, as either a pilot or a trial.

Q-start enables you to discover new streams of innovative ideas, by engaging the entire company or specific departments in a process to raise and identify new practical solutions for your business challenges.


  • Simple – ready to use platform is preloaded with all you need in order to manage a successful system
  • Custom branding – matching your colours, logo, and corporate branding
  • Best-practice defined platform – using the knowledge and experience of our team to run a successful platform
  • Quick & easy – this platform can be set up and deployed in just a few days

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