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CrowdVoting Tools - Learn from the wisdom of the crowd

CrowdVoting is a method used by organizations to seize the community’s viewpoint on different topics. This approach gains popularity as a way to become “empowered by the crowd” through engaging employees, customers, and any other stakeholders, for evaluating innovative solutions, enhancing customers initiatives, and deepening the organization’s brand and positioning in the marketplace.

CrowdVoting is a crowdsourcing method offering an intelligent, accurate and cost-effective way to prioritize ideas and concepts, in order to determine which products to develop, which marketing concepts to choose, or which solutions to implement.

CrowdVoting offers an intelligent, accurate and cost-effective way to prioritize ideas and concepts

Qmarkets’ Crowd Voting set of solutions

Qmarkets offers the widest CrowdVoting toolset in the market, offering our customers a wide range of tools and methods that they use in order to select the best concept, ideas and directions. Each method can be used as a standalone CrowdVoting project, or as part of a wider concepts evaluation process, in which you can use various techniques along the process.

Qmarkets CrowdVoting solutions include:

Community Rating

Simple yet effective rating method that users can easily adopt. For example: Thumbs up/down, Rating on a Scale (1-10, 1-5 etc – as defined by the administrator) or selection between 2 concepts.

This method doesn’t require too much time or effort from the users and is usually used for large audiences and when quick results are needed.

Crowdsource votes

Crowdsource star rating

Score-Card Rating

A classic form of evaluation that is very familiar to most business users. Using this method participants are requested to cast their votes on several criteria related to the same topic. Each criterion can be allocated a weight depending on its’ importance.

Qmarkets’ idea management system automatically calculates the overall rating of the idea based on user votes and presents the final score.

This method helps you evaluate ideas and concepts, while taking into account various factors. When you analyze the results you do not only get a general score for the idea, but you can see the result of each criteria.

Token Voting

This rating method is an effective crowdsourced-way for choosing between a closed list of ideas or concepts.

Each user is allocated a limited number of tokens and is then allowed to split them between the ideas in any proportion. This method forces users to think about how to split “resources”, while  effectively weighting their beliefs.

This method uses gamification techniques, which helps attract users and increases their engagement to the process.

Idea Tournament

Idea Tournament

A rating method for prioritizing a large set of ideas or concepts by a large audience.

The Qmarkets Idea Tournament allows different users select between pairs of ideas, until the best ideas are recognized. The process is simple and very intuitive:

  • Qmarkets System randomly selects a pair of ideas and presents it to the user.
  • User has to select which idea is better, or skip this pair.
  • After selection – system randomly selects another pair.
  • End result is an ordered list of ideas, each receiving a final “grade” that is a number between 0-100 (automatically calculated by the system).

Qmarkets software makes sure that all the ideas get the exact same exposure and that each idea is compared/rated the same amount of times.

Prediction Markets

This rating method simulate a virtual stock market where participants are presented with a set of ideas/concepts.

Each concept performs like a stock – and participants need to invest in the concepts they believe will succeed or invest against concepts that they believe will fail.

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Crowdsourced prediction markets

Qmarkets CrowdVoting advantages:

  • Efficient and cost effective solution for evaluating concepts and ideas
  • Wide selection of tools, which you can mix & match depending on your needs
  • Use of Gamification techniques to increase engagement
  • Get insights directly from your potential market
  • Increase brand awareness
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