Qmarket’s Business Process Management Software Wins Recognition from Finances Online

Qmarkets, the leading global provider of enterprise idea & innovation management software, was recently reviewed by FinancesOnline.com. Qmarkets was favorably reviewed, winning several awards from the leading B2B software reviewer, as they also called our idea and innovation management software "a great data intelligence solution that drove ideation and brainstorming". Their review on their site provides their readers worldwide with a look at their positively overwhelming report on what we have to offer businesses the world over.

Rising Stars:

QMarkets was submitted to FinancesOnline.com rigorous standardized scoring system, and the results were very favorable. They report a full 100% user satisfaction with our service, and awarded us with the Rising Star Award and the Great User Experience Award for 2017, as the reviewer for Qmarkets believed that our product was both a well-designed piece of software, and that our team provided our clients with great value and experience.


The reviewers were especially happy with QMarkets’ dedication to solving the key issue of systematic crowdsourcing, internal employee engagement and collaboration, and brainstorming, especially in situations wherein physical distance made this difficult. FinancesOnline’s SmartScore system was able to zero in on this distinction, something which made it easy for their reviewers to understand that we addressed a very specific need in the market.

Specifically noted by the reviewers was our Q-max idea and innovation management platform, as well as our Q-360 suite of additional collective intelligence solutions, such as our successful Q-Open, Q-Kaizen, and Q-Scout solutions. FinancesOnline's impressions of the Qmarkets software and the integration between the Qmarkets platform and additional solutions led to them presenting us with these awards.

Contact us to learn more about how Qmarkets' award-winning software and solutions can fit into your organization.

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