Introducing Our Next-Gen AI Innovation Management Capabilities

At Qmarkets we’ve always believed in the power of the crowd, and the importance of harnessing that power through a structured innovation process. Generative AI tools are now putting this ability at your fingertips – allowing you to leverage literally billions of voices against any question or problem you might have on a daily basis. However if you want to harness that power to create value at  an enterprise level, you need a much more sophisticated solution. This is where we come in. We are now injecting the full power of generative AI across our entire suite of innovation management tools.

AI and big data have been prevalent in the Qmarkets platform for a long time already, including our ‘similar idea’ engine, ‘automated clustering’, ‘content matchmaking’, ‘expert recommendations’ and more. However the next-gen AI features that we’re rolling out across 2024 can have an even more dramatic impact on the way our clients utilize our software to generate innovation impact.

The incredible thing about all of these new features is that they come with the same self-admin configuration flexibility as the rest of our platform capabilities. That means, as always, that the only limit is your own creativity… Read on to discover more.

AI Strategic Analysis: Endless Innovation Enhancements

While AI can never fully replace your subject-matter experts and internal team members, it can certainly complement them and support you in scaling up your innovation efforts. To achieve this we’re releasing a critical new capability on the platform – custom AI-Generated fields.

With our self-admin you have always been able to easily create custom evaluation fields for different use-cases and methodologies. For example if you want to ask all of your users to complete a SWOT analysis when submitting an idea, you can easily add data entry fields for ‘Strengths’, ‘Weaknesses’, ‘Opportunities’, and ‘Threats’. The amazing thing is that these fields can now be automatically populated using our smart AI, utilizing all the relevant contextual data you have across the system.

The applications here are endless – but here are a selection of some of the most relevant approaches that we believe a lot of our clients will find useful:

Automated Idea Summary

Easily create uniform executive summaries of your ideas to make your ideas are easy to digest.

Automated Doc Summary

Generate short summaries of uploaded attachments, and store them as part of the idea (also available for searching and more).

Novelty Assessment

Identify & score the uniqueness and originality level of a specific idea, compared to other ideas in the system and overall.

Feasibility Assessment

Evaluate the practicality and viability of a new project or idea to ensure it aligns with business objectives and market needs before allocating resources.

Security/Privacy Assessment

Assess the potential security and privacy risks of a project or technology to ensure compliance with regulations and safeguard against data breaches or unauthorized access.

Risk Management

Identify potential risks to facilitate the analysis and monitoring processes for more informed decision-making in risk management strategies.

AI Risk management

Naturally there will be many, many more ways to utilize this powerful feature. But don’t worry – you won’t be alone. We are launching a community library of AI prompts and best practice templates, especially to help our clients take full advantage of this feature.

Personalized AI Writing Assistant: Never Get Lost for Words Again

It might sound strange, but one of the most time-consuming aspects of an innovation program can actually be writing and content creation. For example, your campaign managers need to phrase detailed idea challenges to ensure they receive all the information they need, and your end users need to flesh out their ideas fully in order to convey the value that they can offer. But this can be challenging, especially for users who have great ideas but struggle to find the words to communicate them.

With this in mind we’ve created an AI-Writing Assistant to streamline user contributions at scale. Once this feature is activated, your users will see an ‘AI-assistant’ icon across every single text box across the whole system – including submission forms, comments, email, expert review, and more.

Clicking this icon will bring up a drop-down menu where users will be able to choose from several useful options to improve the text they drafted. These options can include:

  • Rewrite: Find a new way of framing the content
  • Shorten: Abbreviate or reduce the length
  • Improve Readability: Make the content clearer, more coherent, and digestible
  • Elaborate: Expand on the content in more detail

However, we know that there’s never a ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to writing, so these options can naturally be tailored to your specific requirements and culture.

AI Assistance 1

Your users can also start from scratch – clicking the AI icon before adding content allows them to create their own ‘prompt’, directly asking for the content that they need in their own words.

The great thing is, our AI writing assistant will tailor the content it creates to the specific field where it’s being used. So that means it takes into account all the relevant contextual information you already have in the system, from the details of your company, to the campaign description, idea description, and more! You can also add additional data through the admin panel to give the AI even more context about your unique requirements, and further enhance the content it creates. This can include details about your market, industry, competitors, products, and more.

When you scale this functionality across your entire organization, you can save literally thousands of hours of time each year for your users, across idea submission, commenting, and more. In addition the ideas you receive will be even more relevant and high-quality, helping you deliver even more ROI through your program.

Automated Image Generation: Say Goodbye to Placeholder Images

Another important aspect of user engagement is the visual elements which you use across your platform. For example, each campaign needs to use an interesting image to engage your users to participate, and each idea submission should use an image that helps to communicate the concept.

In the past, your users and power users would need to use their own initiative to find or create images to use for those purposes. Naturally this is not always easy, and inevitably some users fail to provide images at all, which can leave your platform looking a bit underwhelming, attracting less users and drives less engagement.

AI image

Our AI Image tool eliminates that problem, for good. With the flick of a switch you can allow all users across your system to generate a featured image automatically, based on the content of the idea or the campaign.

At the sys-admin level you can add your own criteria to help ensure alignment between images across the system, and limit sensitive content as per your company policies. This will be used to generate an initial four images for the user to choose from, but they can easily add their own custom prompt to tailor it to their exact needs.

From AI to Infinity

These features can already have an incredible impact on your innovation program, but this is just the beginning. As the capabilities of AI continue to advance, so too will our product. We already have plenty more smart features in the pipeline and we can’t wait to share them with you.

We’re not afraid of AI taking over the world (not yet anyway…), but we are concerned about it being used in a way that is productive, sustainable, and transparent. That’s why we’re rolling these features out gradually and beta testing as we go. It’s important to note that these AI add-ons are entirely optional, AI results are always transparent and avoiding bias, and your data will never be compromised or shared with third parties.

If you are a customer and already interested in becoming an ‘early adopter’ of these features, please reach out to your CSM for more details.

If you are not a customer, but interested in learning more about these capabilities and  how they can benefit your innovation program, don’t hesitate to book a demo with one of our experts.

Sivan Leshem

Sivan is VP of Product & Customer Success at Qmarkets.

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