Qmarkets Partners with Wellspring to Offer a Data-Enriched Open Innovation Platform to Enterprise Clients

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The partnership and integration allows Qmarkets clients to access hundreds of millions of innovation intelligence data points directly within the Qmarkets platform.

Tel-Aviv, Israel — April 6th, 2022 – Qmarkets, the award-winning supplier of innovation management software, has announced a strategic partnership and integration with Wellspring, the leading provider of Innovation Ops software and data to corporations, research institutions, and government agencies.

The partnership will offer Qmarkets clients built-in innovation research capabilities, through a seamless integration of the Wellspring innovation ‘search engine’ that gives access to a wealth of proprietary data sources for technology scouting, corporate venturing, innovation trends, IP licensing, and more.

As a result, Qmarkets is now able to offer clients a data-enriched end-to-end open innovation solution. Since the founding of the company in 2006, Qmarkets has been empowering its clients to drive innovation impact through a suite of dedicated innovation management tools.

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With this partnership, Qmarkets’ clients will be able to perform powerful searches around any technological domain they are interested in and receive a visual representation of the ecosystem for their search. They can find which companies and startups are most active in the space and track what they are doing, access global patent and research grants, and research leading experts and academic institutes, as well as the relationships between them.

The integrated solution combines Qmarkets’ open innovation suite with Wellspring’s robust AI-fueled research engine and UI, to allow clients to easily find the companies they want to focus on and import them in a single click – all without leaving the Qmarkets platform.

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Take a look at how the Wellspring platform can be used to identify relevant innovation data points, directly from within the Qmarkets platform.

“We believe there is an incredible synergy between Qmarkets and Wellspring.” said Noam Danon, CEO and Founder of Qmarkets. “Wellspring provides unmatched innovation data insights, and our platform offers the perfect solution to manage the strategic processes that are necessary to implement those insights.”Data Points 1

Wellspring scans millions of data points and sources, covering patents, SEC filings, academic research, grants, and proprietary information, to maintain holistic profiles of innovative companies, start-ups, technologies and experts.

This means Qmarkets clients can now:

  • Research and filter companies, trends, patents, emerging technologies, and experts, relating to any domain or topic
  • Easily visualize the Innovation ecosystem landscape and identify the different stakeholders that operate within it
  • Import, with a single click, companies or trends directly into the Qmarkets platform
  • Automatically receive ongoing updates on companies and trends they are following
  • Manage their entire data-enriched open innovation portfolio end-to-end within the intelligent Qmarkets platform

“When confronted with unprecedented challenges, organizations must be able to rapidly integrate open innovation into their business model,” said Robert Lowe, Wellspring CEO. “By leveraging our unparalleled data coverage, analytics tools, and intuitive user interface, Qmarkets now gives organizations of any size the ability to readily engage in open innovation, source relevant expertise from around the world, and then generate high-impact solutions for their most persistent innovation needs.”

To learn more about this new joint offering and how it can benefit you, take a look at our dedicated open innovation software page.

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 About Wellspring

Wellspring is the world's leading provider of Innovation Ops software and solutions for corporations, universities, and government agencies. We help clients succeed in today's innovation economy by coordinating global R&D and innovation programs –researching technology trends, finding innovation partners, identifying startups, managing development portfolios, and commercializing inventions. Wellspring works with more than 500 organizations worldwide to support the continued development of the global Knowledge Supply Chain. For more information, please visit wellspring.com.

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Hilary Lunkes
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About Qmarkets

Our end-to-end suite of applications empower you to leverage the full potential of your innovation ecosystem and create a self-sustaining growth engine for your company.

With the intelligent AI-infused Qmarkets platform you can easily define and manage crowdsourcing processes to engage any audience, for any innovation use-case. This enables you to identify, review, and implement the most relevant ideas, trend management, or insights, and deliver immediate ROI for your organization.

When you choose Qmarkets, you are choosing an innovation partner that is obsessed with your success, with over 500 successful installations at leading companies worldwide, including Ford, Lufthansa, Intel, and many more..

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