Data-Driven Open Innovation Software for Technology Scouting & Trend Management

Tap into a global network of endless growth opportunities by looking outside of your organization to harness trends, startups, experts, academia, and more. Enhance your innovation ecosystem with unparalelled intelligence data and a powerful interactive toolset to support your custom process.

Leverage Unlimited Innovation Potential

Unparalleled access to millions of innovation intelligence data points and resources

Tracking, reporting, and management features to give full innovation portfolio control

Intuitive collaboration functionality to engage any audience – internal or external

Fully integrated with your existing innovation efforts or idea management platform

What The Experts Say...

"Many large multinational companies have already deployed large scale open innovation portals that enable customer input into product ideas and innovation."

"Many organizations establish a structure to incentivize open innovation practices, as well as external-facing tools to successfully work with external collaborators."

"For leading organizations, open innovation is a critical tool. They will engage a wide range of participants and align them to innovation initiatives that can benefit from their knowledge."

"Sustainable open innovation can generate strong brand credibility through customer engagement and collaborative development."

Powerful Open Innovation Software to Manage Your Strategic Opportunities

Innovation Trend Management

Establish a trend management process to ensure you don’t miss out on any lucrative innovation opportunities that arise, and create a collaborative knowledge base to continuously track, analyze, and manage new developments with existing trends. 


Technology & Startup Scouting

Harness the untapped potential of innovation technologies and services that exist outside of your organization. Implement an intelligent process to identify and manage your full scouting portfolio, including not just tech but also startups, partners, competitors, and more.

Open Innovation Challenges

Establish a repeatable system for leveraging external experts as part of your strategic innovation efforts. You can even invite domain experts from across the globe to participate in critical problem solving efforts.

Continuous Improvement Practices - open innovation software

How Does it Work?

4 simple gateway stages to drive your open innovation initiatives


Research & identify the most relevant companies, trends, patents, technologies & experts in your domain


Promote your strategic challenges & opportunities to any audience inside or outside your company with engaging cross-channel campaigns


Map & prioritize the opportunities that have the highest potential to impact your business


Easily manage the company-wide roll-out of your chosen innovation projects and measure ROI

Unmatched Open Innovation Software

All you could ask for from an open innovation solution, plus much more…

Rich community engagement tools
Rich community
engagement tools
Rich community engagement tools
Fully multi-
Rich community engagement tools
Advanced gamification
Rich community engagement tools
Automated communication tools
Rich community engagement tools
Rich community engagement tools
Social integrations
for easy user login
Rich community engagement tools
Design templates and custom branding to your corporate identity
Rich community engagement tools
Fully responsive and optimized for viewing on any device
Rich community engagement tools
Multiple crowd-
voting tools
Rich community engagement tools
Powerful DIY

Intelligent Integrations from Leading Intelligence Providers

With our open innovation software you can easily enhance your research and collaboration activities by integrating with one or more of our intelligent innovation data providers:

  • Wellspring: Research and easily import start-ups, research, and intelligence data into your platform
  • TREND ONE: Automatically import mega, macro, and micro trends relating to your line of business
  • heroX: Tap into the knowledge and wisdom of a global community of solvers and experts
  • crunchbase: Auto-populate your start-ups with information directly from the Crunchbase global database

Zooming in on our Open Innovation Software

Research the Marketplace

Manage the Innovation Lifecycle

Commercialize Your Innovation Opportunities

Qmarkets' Innovation Management Ecosystem

Meet Qmarkets’ vision of the corporate innovation ecosystem. This diagram aims to encapsulate the full spectrum of strategic innovation activity; from the many potential sources of inspiration and insight, through the varied systems and processes of idea development, to the bottom-line outcomes and deliverables that are ultimately generated.

Front End Discovery
Innovate & Craft
Research, track, and manage relevant trends to create a collaborative knowledgebase that can help fuel innovation across your company.
Trace, evaluate and manage your technology scouting activities, to optimize your ability to bring more successful partnerships and new technology adoption into your company.
The leading idea management solution for capturing the collective intelligence of any audience to generate ground-breaking results.
Maximize the results of continuous improvement and performance excellence initiatives by leveraging the collective intelligence of your employees.
Easily manage the progress & impact of all you innovation projects using one central, intuitive & collaborative space.

Resounding Accolades

Discover why Qmarkets is consistently recognized by leading analysts as a multi-award winning solution.

Read G2's 2020 Spring Grid Report for Idea Management Software

Read Gartner’s 2016 Market Guide for Innovation Management Solutions

Read MWD Advisors' report on Qmarkets’ packaged approach to innovation, 2018


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