Qmarkets and Above+Beyond Form New Strategic Partnership

Above+Beyond, a Canada-based management consulting firm, is to support its customers with Qmarkets’ wide suite of collective intelligence and idea sharing tools.

TEL AVIV, January 11th, 2018 – Qmarkets, a globally recognized market leader in the field of idea and innovation management, and Above+Beyond, a renowned corporate performance and leadership training consultancy, announce an international strategic alliance to offer enhanced services to their existing and future respective client bases.

Sebastian Apelt
Sebastian Apelt, Managing Partner at Above+Beyond

Based in Toronto and serving clients such as TSYS, American Express, Brinks, and Home Depot, Above+Beyond specializes in bringing out the best in employees at all levels via corporate culture assessment, talent development programs, grassroots process improvement methods, and organizational learning solutions. Through these initiatives, Above+Beyond helps differentiate their client companies from competition, generate customer loyalty, and drive sustainable growth.

With Qmarkets’ suite of collective intelligence solutions, Above+Beyond customers will be able to tackle a variety of corporate challenges, from classic innovation management, through to continuous improvement, scouting, and even hackathons. This partnership represents an important upgrade in Qmarkets’ offering to the North American market, including an increased capacity to offer onsite training, project management, and ongoing support to a growing list of leading companies.

Michael Stilger, SVP of Global Solutions

“In our digital age, where things are so fluid and companies constantly need to adapt and embrace new things, there are significant additional challenges associated with maintaining employee engagement and sustained growth,” said Sebastian Apelt, Managing Partner at Above+Beyond. “We partnered with Qmarkets to be able to provide our clients with a well-organized funnel that will allow for improved change management, targeted leadership, real-time employee involvement, and collective goal-sharing.”

“This is a welcome opportunity for us to extend and solidify our offering to clients in North America,” said Michael J. Stilger, SVP of Global Solutions at Qmarkets. “This partnership aligns with our core strategy on many fronts and can help provide our joint customers with the resources they need to overcome the disruptive threats of today, and become the most innovative companies of tomorrow.”

About Above + Beyond

Above + Beyond is a Toronto-based Management Consulting firm focused on the transformation of individuals and organizations globally. We specialize in team-building, leadership development, organizational change efforts, strategic planning, and partnering processes for fortune 500 companies, small to medium-sized businesses, governmental organizations, and non-profit organizations.

Our approach to consulting, classroom training, and use of data analytics for talent management helps our clients nurture a dynamic culture, great leadership and engaged employees. The result – exceptional differentiation designed to build customer loyalty and drive sustainable growth.

Ms. Jamie Basian

Program Manager, Above+Beyond


+1 (416) 633-4584

About Qmarkets

As an established leader on the idea and innovation management landscape, Qmarkets has developed a reputation over the last 10 years for delivering the most comprehensive crowdsourcing software solutions in the world. Recognized by leading analysts such as Gartner, Forrester, and Info-tech, Qmarkets offers unmatched technical and design flexibility to their extensive list of leading global clients; including Nestle, Ford, Lufthansa, Ab InBev, Phillip Morris International, UniCredit, and many more.

Qmarkets’ software offering extends beyond innovation management to include products focusing on process improvement, continuous improvement and operational excellence; open innovation with customers and business partners; technology scouting for enterprise M&A opportunities; and digital employee engagement.

For press inquiries please contact:

Mr. Elliott Wilkins

Marketing Manager, Qmarkets


+44 7469171016

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