In this webinar hosted by Qmarkets partner and growth specialists RevelX, Qmarkets’ Elliott Wilkins joins Matthijs Rosman to discuss how trend management software is helping enterprise companies to stay ahead of the curve and remain at the cutting edge of innovation.

What Will You Learn?

An introduction to trend management and it’s important for your business

How trends can fuel your innovation funnel and keep your organization one step ahead of your competitors

How to run a successful trend management program with Qmarkets

Webinar Speakers

Matthijs Rosman

Matthijs is a business transformer, supporting business growth through customer centric innovation and disruptive transformation.

Elliott Wilkins
Marketing Manager

As Marketing Manager for Qmarkets Elliott has spent the last 10 years immersed in the world of corporate innovation. With a background in journalism and a passion for storytelling, Elliott has contributed to a wide variety of strategic innovation resources, including guide books, webinars, reports, articles, and more.

What’s on the Agenda?

All of our webinars are packed with actionable insights and best practices to help you deliver strategic innovation results for your company. Here is a breakdown of the key topics that were discussed in this session.

Introductions and Agenda
What is Trend Management?
The Role of Trend Management in the Innovation Process
Utilizing Dedicated Trend Management Software

About RevelX

RevelX is a strategic innovation professional services firm, headquartered in Amsterdam. It specializes in discovering and maximizing opportunities for growth through innovation. It excels at disruptive creativity, rigorous analysis, and disciplined execution to help businesses to realize growth. It is proud to serve its clients around the globe with a team of highly skilled and passionate professionals. Visit the RevelX website to learn more.

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