Qmarkets as technology sponsors of NEO 2015 in Bonn, Germany!

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Qmarkets were proud to be technology sponsors of Next Economy Open 2015 which took place on the 9th and 10th of November in Bonn, Germany. As technology sponsors of this event, Qmarkets’ award winning platform was used to provide a memorable, engaging, and innovative experience for the attendees, and to provide the organizers with valuable ideas and feedback.

NEO convention 2015

This initiative was led by Qmarkets’ local partner in Germany, Jürgen Stäudtner of Cridon who suggested that the event organizers use our platform to crowd-source ideas for topics and speakers.

As this opportunity did not appear until very late on, there was very limited preparation time, however Qmarkets was able to put together a custom platform at very short notice so that this mutually beneficial opportunity was not missed.

The platform was promoted to over 16,000 industry professionals through a newsletter prior to the event, and during the conference many speakers encouraged users to participate.


The platform received complimentary feedback from all parties, both verbally and across social media.

Many attendees were impressed by the interactive element of the platform, allowing users to collaborate and communicate with fellow attendees and speakers alike.

The organizers were very excited to harness the collective intelligence of such a large audience of industry professionals and experts, and they were not disappointed with the results; receiving a plethora of valuable submissions which will give them alot to think about when planning future events.


While the use of technology partners at events is not a new concept, the use of this type of platform can be revolutionary.

The crowd-voting evaluation tools which Qmarkets offers allow users to witness first hand the power of collective intelligence, to communicate how effective digital software can be in the process of generating innovation.

This can be used successfully at any business conference where new ideas are welcomed, but the connection is especially effective at innovation/digital strategy focused events where the message behind the platform aligns perfectly with the messages behind the conference and its speakers.

Speak to one of our product experts to discover how we can help you to make your event a success.


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