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Why Innovation Portfolio Management?

An introduction to the topic, and why it’s so important

The Three Horizons Framework

And how to use it to balance short-term wins and long-term goals


How to measure and track the performance of your portfolio


Handy canvases and other resources to help you get started

What’s Inside?

Planning & Process
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An introduction to innovation portfolio management:

  • What exactly is innovation portfolio management?
  • What are the benefits for my innovation program, and for my organization?
  • Statistics and insights into innovation portfolio management at major companies
Planning & Process
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Planning & Process

How to build and manage your innovation portfolio:

  • Designing your portfolio around innovation themes
  • Evaluating your current innovation initiatives
  • Developing and managing a process to convert ideas into impactful innovations
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Advice and insights on how to report on your innovation portfolio:

  • Creating effective visual dashboards
  • Variables to track and incorporate into your reports
  • Automated innovation portfolio management tools
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Making the decisions that matter to ensure your portfolio’s high performance:

  • Key success factors for each stage of your process
  • Stage-gate decisions and growth boards
  • Data-driven decision-making

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RevelX is a strategic innovation professional services firm, headquartered in Amsterdam. It specializes in discovering and maximizing opportunities for growth through innovation. It excels at disruptive creativity, rigorous analysis, and disciplined execution to help businesses to realize growth. It is proud to serve its clients around the globe with a team of highly skilled and passionate professionals. Visit the RevelX website to learn more.

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