Expanding Your Innovation Portfolio with Community-Powered Problem Solving

Learn how to expand your innovation portfolio by opening up your organization’s challenges to a global crowd of problem solvers.

What Will You Learn?

How utilizing a global community of problem solvers can power innovation at your organization

How to design and market your challenge to reach the right community of problem solvers

Why large organizations turn to the crowd for solutions (despite having experts on their teams). 

What's on the Agenda?

Don’t miss out on finding out how to expand your innovation portfolio to achieve even better results for your business.

  • Introduction
    Hear how Qmarkets and HeroX have partnered to boost the success of open innovation challenges and provide a unique solution to crowd recruitment
  • Expanding Your Innovation Portfolio
    Learn how opening up your organization's challenges to HeroX's global community of problem solvers can fuel vast levels of innovation and increase ROI for your business
  • Q&A Session
    Qmarkets and HeroX answer your burning questions

Who We Will Hear From

Christian Cotichini

Co-Founder & CEO | HeroX

Christian Cotichini, CEO and Co-Founder of HeroX, is a serial entrepreneur and recognized leader in the crowdsourcing and open-innovation industry. 

Steve Reed

Director of Innovation Solutions | Qmarkets

Steve Reed, Director of Innovation Solutions at Qmarkets, is an expert in building and developing innovation programs for global enterprises.

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