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Our library of strategic content includes blogs, success stories, webinars, and analyst reports. All our resources are designed to inspire innovation leaders to sustain a successful enterprise innovation program.

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Webinar Continuous Improvement Success Story
As part of their vision to deliver more groundbreaking payment processes, Total Systems Services (TSYS) has recently launched a bold...
45 mins
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Article Continuous Improvement
Sebastian Apelt - Managing Partner at A+B - shares how this innovative project has led to some remarkable results for all...
by Guest Post
5 min
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Webinar Idea Management Success Story
Many companies are now embracing innovation in the face of market disruption, but few of them are brave enough to abandon the product that...
45 mins
As an enterprise scales and its culture solidifies, it becomes increasingly challenging for innovation and creativity to flourish. That’s...
by Guest Post
5 min
The Wall of Separation You can’t see it, but it’s there: a towering wall, stretching from horizon to horizon, that separates 90% of all...
by Guest Post
4 min
Article Continuous Improvement Idea Management Innovation Management
In my years of consulting and visiting companies I realized that many companies have differences in understanding and implementing...
3 min
Article Idea Management
Whether you optimize your business, strive to win new customers, invent the latest product, or simply try to innovate – ideas help....
6 min
Article Innovation Management
A Global Innovation Hotbed At Enterprise Development Group (EDG) we have recently made an interesting observation: there has always been a...
6 min

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