Innovation Best Practices from the Financial Services Sector

Webinar Innovation Management Success Story

Qmarkets has always been at the forefront of AI. Now, we are injecting the full power of generative AI across our entire suite of innovation management tools. Join our product specialist Yoel Ben Nesher as he lifts the lid on these brand new AI features and how they can be used to achieve unparalleled efficiency in your enterprise innovation program.

What Will You Learn?

Leveraging ideation, trend management, technology scouting, and more to develop an innovation ecosystem that drives continuous ROI

How to cultivate a company-wide culture of innovation and intrapreneurship to break siloes and spread best-practices

Key insights from our customers in the financial sector, including their success stories and how to replicate them

Webinar Speakers

Michael Stilger

Michael is a proven global leader & player in the field of Innovation, Open Innovation, Crowd-Intelligence, Business Growth, Start-up and Technology Scouting and Innovation Methodologies.

Ilona Gochman
Global Director of Customer Success

Ilona is a dedicated and talented customer success leader with unmatched experience supporting innovation teams at leading companies around the globe.

Webinar Schedule

All of our webinars are packed with actionable insights and best practices to help you deliver strategic innovation results for your company. Here is a breakdown of the key topics that were discussed in this session.

Introductions & Agenda
Tackling the Challenges Facing the Finance Industry
Best Practices from Leading Finance Brands Using Innovation Management
Q&A Session

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