Inspired by the Wisdom of Crowds...

Meet Qmarkets…

At Qmarkets, we believe in the transformative power of collective intelligence. For over 10 years we’ve been dedicated to helping leading enterprises around the globe to deliver repeatable ground-breaking results.

Let us show you how your company can also leverage the “wisdom of crowds” to transform ideas into results!

Proud to Drive Enterprise Innovation

Recognized as the leading idea and innovation management software for enterprise-grade companies, Qmarkets’ platforms help clients to tackle a variety of strategic business challenges, including employee innovation, continuous improvement, technology scouting, business transformation, and open innovation.

True Global Footprint

With offices in the US, Europe, Australia, and an R&D centre in Israel, Qmarkets is the principal provider of idea & innovation management software with a true global footprint – offering a localized service.

Our Accolades

Qmarkets is consistently recognized as a leading vendor both by analysts and software review sites alike.

What Stage is Your Company at on its Innovation Journey?

From companies who are only testing the water with idea and innovation management, to experienced corporations managing numerous innovation projects simultaneously…

Organizations at every stage of their innovation journey choose Qmarkets’ premium idea management software to drive company-wide transformation initiatives.

Check out the innovation
maturity of companies
who choose Qmarkets
Companies whose requirements
have outgrown their under-
performing innovation platform
Companies who are managing
multiple innovation use-cases
across different platforms
Companies who are manually
managing employee ideation
projects (email, excel, etc.)
Companies who are using a
simplistic DIY system to
gather ideas
Companies who are only starting
to experiment with idea or
innovation management

Why Qmarkets?

The most innovative brands in the world choose Qmarkets’ platform as the engine that drives their robust innovation projects.

Why do they choose Qmarkets?

Seamless Scalability

From best-practice driven off-the-shelf product editions to fully-configured implementations for complex innovation needs, Qmarkets offers a perfect migration path from pilot to company-wide deployment.

Expert Guidance

Qmarkets’ experts are committed to customer success, offering field-proven best practices, training, workshops, and strategic methodologies at every stage of the process to ensure the ROI of your project is maximized.

Unmatched Flexibility

Whether at your fingertips through our advanced self-admin, or at the hands of our dedicated configuration experts, Qmarkets helps you transform your company’s innovation vision into a reality.

Our Commitment

The greatest quality of mankind is our ability to aspire, inspire, collaborate, and build tools which help us to achieve our dreams. While there is no doubt that achieving innovation is a truly an ambitious mission, if your company decides to reach for it, we at Qmarkets commit to provide you with the tools and guidance that will allow you to successfully transform your ideas into results.

Business Innovation Brief

Worried About the Success of Your Innovation Project?

Don’t be! With Qmarkets, you’ll gain the comprehensive training, resources, and support needed to transform great ideas into lucrative results.

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