Ecosystem Innovation: The Scouting & Ideation Growth Lab of Magna Powertrain

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Discover Magna Powertrain’s groundbreaking approach to technological innovation in this exclusive recording from the 2023 Innovation Roundtable Summit in Copenhagen. Learn how Magna used the Qmarkets platform to engage 1,000+ engineers, generating 350+ technology ideas, and connecting with 253 external R&D partners. Witness the transformation of initial concepts into over 60 advanced mobility solutions, setting new benchmarks in engineering innovation.

What Will You Learn?

Magna's Process

Hear from Barbara Neumann as she lifts the lid on Magna Powertrain’s idea management and technology scouting process from end to end.

The Solution

Discover how Magna Powertrain used the Qmarkets platform to engage over 1,000 engineers and hundreds of external partners.

The Results

Find out about the company’s key success so far using the platform, including data on the number of implemented ideas and gaps addressed.

The Speakers

Michael Stilger
Senior Vice President
& Co-Founder

Michael is a global leader in the field of innovation, who has dedicated his professional life to assist organizations accessing and maturing the wisdom of their employees, clients, supply chains and academic partners and combine it with innovation and idea management.

Barbara Neumann
Sr. Engineer, AE Future Innovations & Technologies

Barbara is a master of science, innovation, and product management, who has been with Magna Powertrain since 2016. Now working in the fields of Advanced Engineering and Future Innovations & Technologies, she is passionate about science and surfing.

The Schedule

In this session Magna Powertrain’s Barbara Neumann reveals how her company is utilizing the Qmarkets Platform and updates us on their successes with it so far.

Introduction & Agenda

An introduction to Magna Powertrain and the market trends informing its strategic goals

Magna's Approach to Ecosystem Innovation

Learn about Magna’s scouting and ideation growth lab and how the company has deployed Qmarkets software to drive it

Results & Key Takeaways

Magna’s successes so far and best practices gleaned from their use of the platform

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