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Our library of strategic content includes blogs, success stories, webinars, and analyst reports. All our resources are designed to inspire innovation leaders to sustain a successful enterprise innovation program.

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Article Innovation Management
Art or Strictly Business? The Figures – A Growing Economy Since its introduction to the general public in the 70’s, the video game...
7 min
Article Innovation Management
The invention of the airplane, the telephone and the computer; the discovery of gravity, electricity and relativity – all great...
8 min
Article Innovation Management
A Global Innovation Hotbed At Enterprise Development Group (EDG) we have recently made an interesting observation: there has always been a...
6 min
Article Innovation Management
The problem with democracy is that we can’t all always be in charge; one way or another there has to be someone at the top who holds the...
5 min
three reasons innovation charter
Article Idea Management Innovation Management
It's one thing to realize that innovation is an integral part of the long-term viability of a business. It's quite another to know exactly...
by Eugene Ivanov
4 min
Article Innovation Management
Typically innovation management is seen as the domain of large organisations who can afford to invest a lot of time and effort into...
5 min
6 kpis
Article Best Practices Idea Management Innovation Management
There are certain benefits to innovation software that are difficult to measure, and others that are quite obvious. This blog post will...
by Elliott Wilkins
3 min
info tech featured
Report Idea Management Innovation Management
See what Info-Tech Research Group analysts had to say about Qmarkets in their 2013 Vendor Landscape report for enterprises seeking an...
1 min

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