Qmarkets and OmniStrada Partner to Empower Asian Businesses with Continuous Improvement Culture & Capabilities

Qmarkets is pleased to announce a new partnership with OmniStrada, a digital consultancy based in Singapore advising businesses across Asia on areas including digital transformation, omnichannel, and more. Together, we will help businesses across Asia implement continuous improvement processes and nurture an innovation culture to drive efficiencies, build resilience and unlock growth potential.

OmniStrada and Qmarkets will provide businesses with a proven solution to continuously find and implement new ideas. This will increase productivity, improve customer experiences, streamline workflows, and reduce costs, resulting in long-term competitive edge.

Qmarkets’ innovation management software facilitates idea generation, evaluation and implementation, collaboration, and data analysis. It allows businesses to gather and evaluate ideas, document and track key processes, enable collaboration between internal and external stakeholders, and track the progress of idea management and continuous improvement initiatives.

OmniStrada will support businesses in tailoring the platform and implementing innovation management programs and processes. It will partner up with the C-suite to roadmap the journey, deliver and create value for each of the business functions, and drive strategy cohesiveness across teams.

Christophe Bacon, Founder and Managing Partner of OmniStrada, said:

“We are excited to partner with Qmarkets to help businesses across Asia unlock their growth potential with continuous improvement and innovation culture. Our combined expertise in digital transformation, omnichannel strategies, and innovation management will empower businesses to stay competitive and adapt to changes in the market and customer demands.”

The partnership between OmniStrada and Qmarkets aims to drive continuous improvement and innovation in Asia, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity, increased competitiveness, cost savings, improved quality, innovation, and employee engagement and retention.

About OmniStrada

OmniStrada is a boutique digital consultancy based in Singapore, advising B2C and B2B businesses across Asia. Its team has 35+ years of combined experience in digital and e-commerce, strategic planning, customer experience, operational, and technical expertise. With a network of experienced and reliable partners and specialists, it believes in LEAN, AGILE, and PRAGMATIC strategies.

About Qmarkets

Managing innovation at large company is never easy. You have an endless list of stakeholders to engage, countless data points to consider, and plenty of landmines to avoid. But it doesn’t have to be so hard.

With the right tools, you can bring all of these elements together to present clear insights that help you make the decisions that matter. That’s where we come in.

With the AI-enhanced Qmarkets platform you can easily define and manage intelligent crowdsourcing processes to identify, review, and implement the most relevant ideas, trends, or insights, and deliver immediate ROI for your organization.

With renowned clients like Ford, Intel, Coca-Cola, and UBS, we have a wealth of best-practices to help you achieve your goals.

Qmarkets Author

Intelligent innovation management software, empowering business leaders to achieve the impossible. Discover the ecosystem.

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