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DigitalBasel Launches Open Innovation Challenge on Qmarkets Platform

DigitalBasel and Qmarkets have combined forces to demonstrate the power of crowdsourcing and collaborative innovation. Powered by Qmarkets, DigitalBasel have launched a platform calling for ideas on how to promote digital transformation across a wide variety of important topics and trends.

The campaign was announced during a joint session hosted by DigitalBasel and Qmarkets at the 2020 Swiss Digital Days – a nationwide event supported by leading companies including Swisscom and SBB. The event welcomed over 80,000 attendees both virtually and physically across the nation, aiming to make Digital Transformation ‘a tangible experience for everyone in the region of greater area of Basel and across Switzerland’.

The platform is now live with an initial idea campaign asking for ideas to promote digital transformation within the region, along with suggestions for future campaigns. The campaign challenge includes four main stages: ideation, team building, proposals, and pitches. Registration to participate in the challenge is open to anyone via the DigitalBasel website.

Qmarkets and DigitalBasel co-host a session at the 2020 Swiss Digital Days event on the benefits of crowdsourcing and open innovation.

Used by leading companies across the globe and within Switzerland, the Qmarkets platform employs cutting edge AI and crowdsourcing techniques to allow businesses to engage their employees and customers to deliver value-driving ideas.

DigitalBasel is a multi-stakeholder initiative that works to strengthen Basel’s position as a leading innovation hub for digital transformation. The initiative engages different business sectors, investment vehicles, government, academia, and the public to help shape the future of digitization. DigitalBasel partnered with Digital Days 2020 to present ideas and solutions for sustainable development of digitalization in Switzerland.

“I was very happy to be asked to share my insights and expertise on enterprise crowdsourcing as part of this event” shared Michael Stilger, Senior Vice President and Co-Founder of Qmarkets “In addition we’re very pleased to partner with DigitalBasel to offer our software to help facilitate the gathering of ideas around this increasingly critical topic”.

Dorotea Ganser, Head of Community Engagement at DigitalBasel said of the partnership, “digital transformation has undoubtedly become one of the main challenges for businesses today. We are excited to have partnered with Qmarkets, a software firm that we believe offers a key piece in the puzzle that organizations face when tackling this challenge.”

To find out how Qmarkets can help you to crowdsource ideas from your employees, partners, and more – don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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