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  • The 4 core mindsets of innovation as demonstrated by the most creative innovators and organizations around the world
  • 8 powerful tactics to put these mindsets into action and tackle real-world challenges facing your organization
  • How to improve your team’s ideation techniques through the 10 Commandments of Brainstorming
  • Practical guidance to help your organization overcome the barriers to innovative thinking

Praise for Crack The Code

Praise for Crack The Code

Crack the Code is a highly effective playbook for injecting innovation into your organization. Kaiser delivers actionable advice, practical tools, and inspiring stories. If you want to unlock your creativity, this book is for you.

Crack the Code is a must-have survival manual for business leaders who want to build companies that last. Each chapter provides pragmatic applications that have immediate impact in a modern corporate environment.

Darwin was right: innovate or die. Crack the Code brings to life useful techniques for executives to stimulate ideation within their teams. Backed by science and motivated by real-world examples, this book provides simple recipes that can lead to big results.

Meet The Author

Kaiser Yang
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Startup leader, venture builder, award-winning author, and keynote speaker, Kaiser Yang is also the co-founder of Platypus Labs, a consultancy that blends experiences from startups, science, research, art, and business,  to understand, harness, and apply creativity toward productive, innovative outcomes.

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