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Innovate, Adapt, Overcome: How to Beat a Recession with Idea Management & Continuous Improvement
In the precarious economic climate, a global recession is an ever-present danger. However, by developing an innovation strategy that anticipates a downturn, you can help your enterprise weather the storm and even uncover lucrative ways to gain a competitive edge. Read on to discover how you can transform a recession into a rejuvenation. Given the devastating impact of the 2007-08 financial crisis, it’s little wonder that companies worldwide are sensitive to omens of a new “great recession”. It’s estimated that a loss of more than $2 trillion in world-wide economic growth occurred between the second quarter of 2008 and the

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Eliminating Uncertainty: How to Manage Innovation Risk in 3 Easy Steps
Herman Kahn – futurist, author, and inspiration for Stanley Kubrick’s “Dr Strangelove” – once described risk taking as “the essence of innovation”. It’s a fair assessment. Afterall, innovation often means abandoning an old, well-established practice in favour of something potentially greater, but less predictable....
What is Total Innovation Management? Achieving Excellence from Idea Generation to Implementation
To maximize the ROI of your innovation initiatives, it’s vital to gain input from as many sources as possible and ensure all departments take part in a culture of ideation. In this article, we explore the concept of Total Innovation Management (TIM) and how...
Building the Hype: 4 Communication Best Practices for Innovation Management
The great Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once said, “the single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Too often, leaders in the corporate sphere assume that once a new project – such as the implementation of an innovation management platform – is announced, users will naturally ‘get the message’ and adopt it as a standard business practice. However, when it comes to companywide engagement, communication should never be left as an afterthought. While innovation management software is becoming more intuitive and engaging than ever, even the most sleek and attractive platform will be...
Game Changers: How Citizen Science and Gamification Are Transforming the Business World
The acclaimed educational reformer John Dewey once said, “every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination”. Today, this audacity is reflected in the rising influence of citizen driven innovation and science – that is, the collaboration of volunteer non-scientists...
Adding Eye Candy: 4 Visual Best Practices to Boost Engagement on Your Idea Generation Platform
The great Israeli artist Yaacov Agam once said “while the verbal can separate, the visual is understood by everyone.” The same principle holds true when it comes to boosting user engagement on your idea generation platform. Implementing sleek, eye-catching visuals wherever possible will help...
The Innovation Hotline: How Colruyt Group is Championing Intrapreneurship with Collaborative Idea Generation
Often times, the most successful and innovative companies stem from the humblest of origins. Colruyt Group is a great case in point. Its rapid expansion from a small, family-run wholesale goods business in 1928 into a multinational conglomerate with 30,000 employees, can be attributed...
The Winning Formula for Financial Process Improvement – How TSYS is Defining the Future of Fintech
There has never been a more critical time for financial firms to prioritize innovation. Rapidly changing customer behaviours, disruptive digital technologies, and the emergence of agile fintech start-ups means that disruption is an ever-present danger. To counter these challenges, companies are increasingly focused on...
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5 Corporate Innovation Trends of 2019 Set to Disrupt the Business Landscape in 2020
2020 is shaping up to be a truly generation-defining year across the spectrum – from politics, to sport, to science and beyond. I mean, we’ve got the U.S presidential elections, the Tokyo Olympics, NASA’s Mars rover mission, and even the completion of the world’s tallest building – a cavalcade of truly colossal events crammed into 12 months. What’s more, the trends shaping the corporate innovation landscape in 2020 are set to be just as earth-shaking. Last year, we wrote a blog exploring the corporate innovation trends that would shape 2019. These have come to pass in resounding ways –...
How One of the World’s Largest Wineries is Fermenting Groundbreaking New Ideas with Qmarkets
Not so long ago, an Innovation Strategy Manager at a major vineyard was tasked with finding an efficient system for streamlining ideation. This system would need to be used to overcome departmental communication barriers, as well as drive the innovation that would help protect...
5 Innovation Best Practices for Launching Your Idea Management System – Qmarkets’ Head of Customer Success Shares Her Insights
Innovation Exploration – Unlocking Potential in Uncharted Territory The great American oceanographer Edith Widder once said: “Exploration is the engine that drives innovation, and Innovation drives economic growth… So let’s all go exploring.” ? Of course, exploring unfamiliar territory – Edith herself participated in...

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