Ideas Software Editions

Fully comprehensive
& perfectly configured enterprise grade solution

Kick Your Enterprise Innovation Into Overdrive

Q-max — Your Company’s Ultimate Idea and Innovation Management Engine

Robust & Powerful

From thousands to hundreds of thousands of users, this powerful, all-in-one engine is designed to support and deliver the most demanding idea & innovation management needs for your global enterprise.

Flexible and Configurable

With hundreds of configuration options and a full suite of custom idea evaluation workflows, Q-max is designed to be seamlessly molded onto your existing processes & work culture.

Global, yet Personal

Enabling multi-tenancy, multi-lingual, personalized communications and numerous integration options, alongside the custom deployment of your choice, Q-max answers your diverse idea & innovation management needs.

Look Under the Hood Before you Sign the Dotted Line

Companies who choose an idea & innovation management program based mostly on its shiny exterior often end up with an overpriced and underperforming vehicle. Choosing Q-max is a guaranteed choice for performance.

What leading companies have to say about Qmarkets

Lead digital transformation in your organization.
Use crowdsourcing to generate innovation opportunities.

Create, identify and nurture new ideas. Engage your audience!

Whether you are looking to improve your enterprise grade business or create new growth avenues — harnessing your audience’s ideation potential has been proven as a highly effective way to:

  • Achieve incremental, disruptive and sustainable innovations
  • Crowdsource ideas for new products and technologies
  • Implement continuous improvement & process improvement projects
  • Launch cost reduction campaigns to reach
    performance excellence
  • Share best practices and build a collaborative business culture
  • Increase employee engagement through a digital workplace
  • Utilize your external stakeholders through open innovation to harvest the
    wisdom of the crowd

Q-max is an all-encompassing platform which includes methods, processes, best practices and dedicated software support to help our clients build and maintain a successful idea management process. With our help, enterprise innovation leaders from around the world are achieving their varied business goals.

Q-max’s Powerful Innovation Engine, At Your Service

Crowdsource and tap into your employees' and customers' collective intelligence

The Q-max Offering:

All you could ask for from an Idea & Innovation Management platform. And then some...

  • Advanced Personalized
    Communication & Gamification
  • Multilingual
    & Subsystems
  • Multi-tenancy
    & Use Cases
  • Support for Any
    Number of Users
  • External Expert
    Review Integration
  • Custom Branding
  • Custom Evaluation
  • Advanced Crowdvoting
    & Rating Tools
  • 2 Deployment Options
  • Multiple Custom Idea
    Submission forms

On-Site Vs Cloud SaaS Deployment

Q-max — Your Company, Your Choice

How Does It Work?

5 simple gateway stages to drive your idea & innovation management projects.

  • Define
    Create a challenge
    which engages your
    audience with a specific
    problem or challenge.
  • Collect ideas
    and collaborate
    Allow users to submit
    ideas and collaborate
    to improve them through
    comments & votes
  • Evaluate
    and screen
    Use advanced evaluation tools
    and custom workflows
    to identify the best ideas
  • Implement
    top ideas
    Target best ideas
    to launch via the
    Q-max system
  • Analyze
    and measure
    outstanding ROI
    well-defined KPIs

Additional needs?

Take a look at Qmarkets’ Q-360 Solutions, a complimentary suite of collective intelligence tools to answer your every need.

Resounding Accolades

Unmatched functionality

Fully comprehensive & robust platform.

Flexibility a-la-carte

Perfectly configured to meet your company's workflows, roles, business culture, etc.

Future ready!

A scalable platform which evolves with your organization.

Unleash Your Corporate Innovation Starting Today

Contact Qmarkets to consult with our experts and discover how your enterprise can innovate and transform ideas into results!

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