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At Qmarkets we know that building a worldwide network of professional partners is critical to our success and the success of our customers.

For this reason we partnered with leading consulting firms & integrators worldwide, that can complement our offering and provide a clear value-add to our customers.

Using this amazing network of partners enables Qmarkets to offer our customers the best local experts, project managers and consultants to ensure a successful rollout of our product, while we focus on what we do best – providing the most advanced and sophisticated idea and innovation software. As all of our partners will tell you, we believe in building a substantial and long lasting partnership that benefits all parties – our partners, our customers and Qmarkets.

Our partners are carefully selected and trained to ensure they are well positioned to empower our customers to achieve business results.

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If you would like to learn more about our partners program and how you can join our network, please contact us.

Above + Beyond is Qmarkets' Idea & Innovation Management Business Partner

Above + Beyond

Above + Beyond is a Toronto-based Management Consulting firm focused on the transformation of individuals and organizations globally. We specialize in team-building, leadership development, organizational change efforts, strategic planning, and partnering processes for fortune 500 companies, small to medium-sized businesses, governmental organizations, and non-profit organizations.

Our approach to consulting, classroom training, and use of data analytics for talent management helps our clients nurture a dynamic culture, great leadership and engaged employees. The result - exceptional differentiation designed to build customer loyalty and drive sustainable growth.

Ars et invenito is Qmarkets' Idea & Innovation Management Business Partner

Ars et Inventio

Ars et Inventio (Business Integration Partners Group) is focused on creativity and innovation since 2003, to assist and engage stakeholders in a pragmatic and results-oriented way. They feed the creativity of business resources through well-established methodology and a broad set of practical tools to turn ideas into value.

ASP is Qmarkets' Idea & Innovation Management Business Partner

ASP Group

The ASP Group is an international consulting and investment company whose core competencies are the sustainable, successful, and efficient implementation of complex projects.

Bengs is Qmarkets' Idea & Innovation Management Business Partnerrr


Bengs is a strategy and transformation consulting firm, turning intuition and innovation into business. Convinced that a business value stands with collaboration and networks, we help our clients stimulate collective intelligence in order to enhance operational excellence and accelerate new products and services development cycles.

Our Lab coordinates an open-innovation network to analyze trends and technological breakthroughs that will create sustainable and competitive advantages.At Bengs, we are Business Designers!

Brightcon is Qmarkets' Idea & Innovation Management Business Partner


Brightcon is a professional management consulting firm specialized in Innovation Management. We advise and support organizations in managing and shaping the future with information, predictive analytics and innovation. We support our clients from strategy to action, by addressing all relevant success factors. Enabling ideation, aligning innovation with strategy and operations, managing innovation performance and successfully delivering projects in multi stakeholder and complex organizational environments.

ClicLogix is Qmarkets' Idea & Innovation Management Business Partner


ClicLogix is a disruptive innovation consulting company focused on the media market, that helps its clients by harvesting the internal and external brain power in order to transform the media business model from an content and advertising driven enterprise, into technology powered digital services businesses.

Creative Spirit is Qmarkets' Idea & Innovation Management Business Partner

Creative Spirit

Creative Spirit is an independant experience design agency based in Paris, Cannes and Barcelona and operating worldwide.

We build interaction-based communication campaigns on and offline.

The agency imagines and creates experiences worth sharing and transforms communities into ambassadors using Events, Social Media, Brand Content and Innovation but most importantly capatilizing on over 20 years experience in live productions.

We believe in Living the Brand. A new communication model based on earned storytelling.

Deloitte is Qmarkets' Idea & Innovation Management Business Partner


With our unique, collaborative approach, we offer not only industryand functional business performance knowledge, but also the insight of others through our consulting alliances. We work closely with clients to improve business performance, drive shareholder value, and create a competitive, sustainable advantage, regardless of where in the world your business takes you.

Edengene is Qmarkets' Idea & Innovation Management Business Partner


Edengene is an innovation services company that helps companies to envision and deliver innovation strategies and business opportunities, and to embed innovation capabilities. They have a track record of supporting clients to achieve tangible growth through innovation.

Endavant is Qmarkets' Idea & Innovation Management Business Partner


"Endavant is a Consulting, Project Execution, and Solution Deploy firm based in Chile for multinational clients. We offer industry knowledge, innovative perspectives and best-practice solutions deployed to our clients, working closely to get results to their business challenges. Innovation cannot be achieved through just a few PowerPoint slides, it requires industry knowledge and outstanding project execution. At Endavant, we love to solve real problems, we continuously search for new business and market opportunities, and we work with your company to get the best of global innovation solutions"

EDG is Qmarkets' Idea & Innovation Management Business Partner

Enterprise Development Group (EDG)

An international innovation consulting and training firm specializing in business strategy, innovation best practices, and leadership development for businesses facing complex change.

Fresh Squeezed Ideas is Qmarkets' Idea & Innovation Management Business Partner

Fresh Squeezed Ideas

Fresh Squeezed Ideas is a methodologically agnostic research-based marketing consultancy that believes there should be no boundaries in the pursuit of understanding the customer to inform insight-based decision making.

Giyora Golan is Qmarkets' Idea & Innovation Management Business Partner

Giyora Golan

A leading Market Research institute providing innovative qualitative research, specializing in consumer insights research.

Idea & Innovation Consulting is Qmarkets' Idea & Innovation Management Business Partner

Idea & Innovation Consulting

Is an international consulting company focused on new possibilities within the idea and innovation management. In addition to software solutions, the service portfolio also includes implementation advice, project support as well as follow-up activities. It also provides strategy consulting with focus on the implementation and the creation of a real added value.

innova.ventures is Qmarkets' Idea & Innovation Management Business Partner


As an expert in innovation management innova.ventures offers seminars and consulting on innovation management. As a Partner of Qmarkets, innova.ventures offers one-stop-shopping, delivering the system solution and encompassing training, consultation and even implementation to enable a best-of-class innovation management system within your company. Our typical clients are innovators around the globe in the areas of IT, Mobile, Communications, Mechanical Engineering, Pharma, Chemistry, Banking and Insurances.

Innovation Consultancy Cridon is Qmarkets' Idea & Innovation Management Business Partner

Innovation Consultancy Cridon

The European innovation consultancy which leads or accompanies the complete process of innovation: from innovation strategy, idea generation and selection up to the implementation of a new product or service.

IFT is Qmarkets' Idea & Innovation Management Business Partner

Innovation Framework Technologies (IFT)

IFT provides software and consulting to help companies transform their innovation processes and results. IFT are working with clients in industries including industrial products, energy, chemicals, consumer goods, high tech and life sciences to help them tailor process best-practices to their unique requirements.

NOAVA Digital

NOAVA Digital is a company specializing in the realization of innovative digital projects with a fast implementation for deliverable results. Having partnered with Qmarkets for several years, NOAVA Digital have developed a common know-how and a methodological framework based on the Qmarkets suite. This support allows you to make the most of the different Qmarkets modules as well as the project approaches which exploit them.

Point B is Qmarkets' Idea & Innovation Management Business Partner

Point B

Point B, Inc. helps organizations form, execute, and thrive. With capabilities including Management Consulting, Venture Investment and Advisory, and Property Development, our integrated businesses provide value to the organizations and communities we serve.

Protean Strategies is Qmarkets' Idea & Innovation Management Business Partner

Protean Strategies

An expert Market Research & Brand Innovation consulting firm developing and executing innovative research techniques to address linear and complex business issues.

Regalix is Qmarkets' Idea & Innovation Management Business Partner


Headquartered in Palo Alto, Regalix works with enterprises in the hi-tech, ad-tech and retail domains, helping with customer acquisition, growth, retention & innovation. With its roots in data-driven and ROI oriented marketing, Regalix has morphed from a digital agency to a full-fledged Customer Success company, delivering seamless customer experiences in today’s subscription based economy.

With our Design Thinking and Innovation practice, we support clients with concept training, ideation & innovation strategies, implementation through to performance evaluation and impact, towards measurable growth and value.

Sparq360 is Qmarkets' Idea & Innovation Management Business Partner


SPARQ360 unlocks the hidden potential of the people within your organization through the concept of Idea Realization.

We act on ideas by helping companies to manage and realize your ideas to improve and grow your business. Our dedicated global team consists of seasoned executives, professionals, engineers and functional experts with combined experience in Global Outsourcing, Supply Chain, Business Process Redesign, Lean and Management Consulting. We assist and facilitate the people within your organization to act on their ideas through our Idea Realization concept, creating value for the organization and engagement with the employees. With offices in the Netherlands, Germany, USA and Singapore, Sparq360 supports global and local clients in all regions.

Steinbeis is Qmarkets' Idea & Innovation Management Business Partner


The Steinbeis brand has stood for the successful transfer and sharing of know-how and technology for over 30 years. Steinbeis has developed into an international network spanning roughly 1,000 transfer enterprises. This network encompasses 6,000 experts, each contributing to our network with their specialist knowledge and working on individual challenges in interdisciplinary teams to genuinely add value and thus facilitate the success of Steinbeis.

Steinbeis offers technology and management competence from a single source across a unique spectrum of fields, making its services available to partners and clients of all sizes in all kinds of areas. In doing so, it acts as a troubleshooter or service provider in the fields of consulting, research and development, training and continuing professional development.

The Steinbeis Consulting Center Digital Finance & Performance Management offers enterprises a special consulting service and solutions for a successful digital finance transformation.

Trissa is Qmarkets' Idea & Innovation Management Business Partner


TRISSA is a leading Strategy, Innovation & Human capital advisory firm located in north and central Mexico.

We work with Expansion 500 corporations, governments and communities to formulate strategies and implement solutions that generate lasting social and financial benefits.
Our services include consulting, technology and executive education.

Wiscom is Qmarkets' Idea & Innovation Management Business Partner


A boutique collective intelligence & innovation consulting firm specializing in helping companies implement and harness the collective intelligence of their employees and customers.

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