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Qmarkets as Technology Sponsors at Startfeld Innovationsforum 2018

As Technology sponsors of the Startfeld Innovationsforum 2018, Qmarkets provided a cutting-edge idea management system for use by all event attendees, and shared best-practices through a presentation by Qmarkets Co-founder Michael Stilger.

An initiative of the Startfeld Network a non-profit organization that supports start-ups in the St. Gallen and Bodensee area of Switzerland, the Startfeld Innovationsforum brings together trail-blazing innovators from a wide array of fields. Co-hosted by global consulting company Enterprise Development Group (EDG), the forum gives these experts a platform to share key insights with fellow innovators and experts from across the DACH region.

Startfeld Forum Qmarkets

The 2018 Startfeld Innovationsforum attracted a variety of attendees and presenters from a diverse range of companies.

As partners of Enterprise Development Group, with a strong presence in the DACH region, it was a natural fit for Qmarkets to attend and participate in this forum. The organizers of the event were looking for a way to make their conference more interactive and collaborative, and decided that Qmarkets’ tool could offer a perfect way to achieve this.

This year’s forum focused on best practices for implementing value-adding innovation strategies. The event featured participants and speakers from both internationally and locally acclaimed companies and institutions. These included LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY, Nvidia, Swatch, and the University of St. Gallen.

Delegates of this event were also lucky enough to attend a speaking session from EDG’s CEO and founder Dr. Herman Gyr. In his speech, Dr. Gyr shared several highly insightful best-practices, gathered from over 30 years of experience helping leading companies across the globe to drive innovation.

Startfeld Innovation Forum 2

“What we are experiencing right now is the most radical evolution in human history.” 

Dr. Herman Gyr – Enterprise Development Group

Startfeld Michaels Presentation for Qmarkets

Qmarkets’ Co-founder Michael Stilger delivered an impactful presentation on the importance of crowdsourcing.

After lunch, Qmarkets’ Co-founder Michael Stilger delivered a presentation on the power of crowdsourcing. The presentation covered how crowdsourcing methods are ideal for discovering value-driving innovative insights and maintaining a competitive edge in the age of disruption.

Also representing Qmarkets at the forum was Senior Commercial Manager Marthe Glonner, who ran the presentation booth on the exhibition floor. At the booth, attendees were given the chance to try out the open innovation system which Qmarkets built for the event. This platform allowed the attendees to interact and collaborate around their challenges continuously, creating a highly concentrated innovation ecosystem which extended far beyond the hours of the event.

Event attendees were very positive in their feedback on the technology sponsor initiative and the platform itself, praising its intuitive interface on both mobile and desktop devices, and easy registration process which allowed anyone to login and contribute in seconds.


“We were honored to be invited to present at the Startfeld Innovationsforum by Enterprise Development group” said Marthe Glonner. “This opportunity has allowed us to gain an even better understanding of the vibrant Swiss innovation landscape, and also contribute some key innovation insights of our own.”

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