Paris Innovation Leader Breakfast Tour

would like to thank all those who took part in this event.

Qmarkets & IFT would like to say thank you to everyone who joined us in April 2017, at the Paris Innovation Leader Breakfast Tour. This  innovation leader and expert gathering presented a rare opportunity to engage in high-level intimate discussions around systematic innovation and the challenges facing corporate innovation teams.

Due to popular demand, we will be organizing similar events like this across Europe and America in the near future. If you are interested in joining us please click below!


Our Guest Speakers

Matthieu Knibiehly

Collaborative Innovation Manager

Jean-Philippe Mathes

Innovation Lab Director

Francois Montegut

Innovation Manager

Ronan Minvielle

Innovation Manager


L'Atelier Renault CafeApril 25th

Innovation Management Methodologies and Best Practices

Qmarkets Co-founder and SVP Global Solutions Michael Stilger spoke about the key challenges corporate innovators and innovation teams are facing today, and how best to address them. Michael presented examples from numerous companies across the globe as case studies to show different types of challenges and how companies successfully responded. Michael also showed how companies failed to respond to challenges, and the lessons learned from these cases.

industries represented at these events

La Défense

Le Cnit Châteauform' CityApril 26th

Using Systematic Innovation to Reach Innovation Success

Eric Gabas-Varini, Partner at Innovation Framework Technologies, spoke about how enterprise-grade companies could change their innovation management processes to make innovation a systematic, repeatable process. Sharing insights from IFT’s numerous projects with clients from around the globe, Eric showed how corporations could leverage the collective intelligence of their teams to reach innovation success.

of the companies at this event had 5,000 employees or more

"I was very pleased to participate in this event on the Front End of Innovation with Qmarkets, the atmosphere was very good, it was a small community but a sharing community both from theoretical and practical participants.”

Eric Gabas-Varini
Partner Innovation Framework Technologies

"These breakfast meetings are a really important opportunity for companies to share their best-practices on innovation, because the process is not a science and results depend on the individual organization. Every innovation manager who came today can really take benefit from understanding what other companies did to achieve success. It was a great event”

Francois Montegut
Innovation Manager, Amadeus

“It was very interesting to meet other innovation managers and to share with them and be inspired by each other’s insights.”

 Ronan Minvielle
Innovation Manager, RTE

"The event today was just fantastic, it was great for me as a speaker but also as an attendee. It was just really good to see innovation leaders come together, as there is always a unique chemistry when different innovators come together to discuss challenges, so for me this was a really invigorating and thrilling event."

Michael Stilger

Innovation in Action

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