Customer Interview Webinar: What does it Take to Lead a Successful Enterprise Innovation Program?

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Learn from Akshay Chillal, an innovation expert, as he imparts crucial insights on effectively guiding and expanding an enterprise innovation program. Drawing from his role as an innovation program lead, Akshay shares best practices and valuable lessons gained from years of overseeing a strategic innovation initiative utilizing the Qmarkets platform.

What Will You Learn?

How to Develop an Innovation Culture

Discover how a leading global IT company has developed an overall innovation culture – including actions they've taken offline to educate their employees about innovation and drive engagement

The Responsibilities of an Innovation Leader

Learn the secrets to innovation leadership and how developing a network of catalysts and stakeholders fits in their strategy

How to use

Find out how this Qmarkets client leverages gamification features to increase engagement whenever attention is lacking

The Speakers

Ilona Gochman
Global Director of Customer Success

Ilona is a dedicated and talented customer success leader with unmatched experience supporting innovation teams at leading companies around the globe.

Akshay Chillal
Innovation Expert, formerly of

Akshay promotes and drives innovation activities by enabling platforms to innovate and building communities of practitioners.

The Schedule

Introduction & Agenda

An introduction to the customer company and what they set out to achieve with their innovation program

What it Takes to Lead a Successful Innovation Program

Discover how the client set about running their program and the key learnings that they've discovered throughout the process


Akshay and Ilona answer questions from the audience

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