The 3 Core Mindsets of Innovation Leaders | Webinar

Webinar Best Practices Innovation Management

An energizing and actionable session about the mindsets and techniques leveraged by some of the most prolific innovators in the world. Download now for invaluable tips and real-world examples about applying creativity to drive growth and elevate performance, from Platypus Labs CEO and co-founder Kaiser Yang.

What Will You Learn?

Why Innovation Matters

Kaiser shares real-world examples of what happens when organizations become complacent and fail to innovate, and how thinking differently is critical to future success.

Everyone Can Innovate

We explain the need for innovation at all levels, and in all roles. We introduce the concept of 'micro-innovations' – leveraging innovative thinking in all aspects of daily professional life.

Bridging the Gap

You'll discover the three core mindsets that are driving success at the most innovative companies and people around the world, and leave with practical tools to help you apply these new perspectives to your own role.

The Speakers

Steve Reed
Director, Innovation Solutions

Based out of Dallas, Steve helps companies develop, launch and scale innovation programs. He leads digital innovation solutions in North America at Qmarkets, the leading provider of enterprise innovation management software.

Kaiser Yang
CEO & Founder

Kaiser Yang is the CEO and co-founder of Platypus Labs, a global innovation research, consulting, and training company. He’s an award-winning author, a proven hyper-growth leader, and a globally-recognized innovation expert.

The Schedule

In this webinar we make the case for innovation and then shift the focus from the WHY to the HOW, by introducing three core mindsets of innovators.

Introduction & Agenda

An introduction to the topics we'll be covering over the course of the session.

The 3 Core Mindsets of Innovators

Kaiser Yang takes the floor to dispel the myth that innovation only applies to a select few and that anyone can succeed by applying key mindsets and approaches to creative problem-solving.

Applying These Mindsets

Qmarkets' Steve Reed follows up with best practices to help the audience apply Kaiser's mindsets to their own innovation management activities.

Q&A Session

Steve and Kaiser bring the session to a close by fielding questions from the audience.

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