Expanding Your Innovation Portfolio with Community-Powered Problem Solving

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Learn how to expand your innovation portfolio by opening up your organization’s challenges to a global crowd of problem solvers. Watch this webinar to hear how Qmarkets and HeroX have partnered to boost the success of open innovation challenges and provide a unique solution to crowd recruitment.

What Will You Learn?

How utilizing a global community of problem solvers can power innovation at your organization

How to design and market your challenge to reach the right community of problem solvers

Why large organizations turn to the crowd for solutions (despite having experts on their teams)

Webinar Speakers

Christian Cotichini
Co-Founder & CEO
Steve Reed
VP of North American Innovation

Webinar Schedule

All of our webinars are packed with actionable insights and best practices to help you deliver strategic innovation results for your company. Here is a breakdown of the key topics that were discussed in this session.

Open Innovation & Crowdsourcing at Qmarkets
HeroX Social Network for Innovation
HeroX Qmarkets Integration Demo
Q&A Session

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