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Lead a culture of innovation

A human resources (HR) manager deals with the most important aspect of innovation – the people – who are the source and foundation of every innovative idea. Today, innovation is about much more than new products. It is about reinventing business processes, penetrating new markets, implementing new technologies and much more. Every change that makes your organization more efficient and more profitable is considered business innovation.

In many cases, the success of an innovation process depends on the capability of the HR manager to deploy, plan and implement acceptance to changes. The HR manager should be involved in the process and make sure both the management and the employees are open to changes and willing to lead and accept improvements.

In many cases the success of an innovation process depends on the capability of the HR manager to deploy, plan and implement acceptance to changes.

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Lead a Culture of Innovation with Qmarkets Software

As a human resources manager you should make sure the employees feel both respected as well as comfortable to express ideas, irrespective of their current position or role within the organization. Qmarkets’ idea management software creates the perfect environment for leading a company-wide culture of innovation, by inviting all employees to join an online community, dedicated to the company’s innovation.

Using the platform you can easily present challenges and invite employees from the entire company or relevant departments to suggest solutions for those challenges. Users may discuss and rate the ideas in the system, and often help the ideas to develop, by raising new points of view and looking at the challenge from different angles.

Idea campaigns

Idea lifecycle evaluation

End to End Idea Management

Qmarkets ensures that your innovation process is effective & efficient, by giving you the tools to manage the process end to end, in a way that fits the exact requirements and culture of your organization. Our software’s flexible backend allows us to configure the lifecycle of ideas in the system and define the exact stages the ideas should go through.

This flexibility helps you monitor and evaluate the ideas in the platform and make sure that each relevant function in the company is involved at the right stages, giving their valuable inputs and helping you make sure that only the best ideas are moving to the next stages.

The evaluation process may includes stages such as: Experts review committee (evaluation of matured ideas by dedicated workgroups), management approval, assessment by different departments etc. The evaluation workflow not only helps you filter and screen the ideas, it also helps you keep the employees engaged by allowing them to stay involved and express their opinion in the later stages of the process.

Ongoing Engagement

One of the main roles of HR managers in running company-wide processes is to make sure the employees experience is enjoyable and rewarding. Qmarkets offers various features and tools to make sure the use of the platform is easy, exciting and fun:

  • Rewards and Incentives: Our software helps you make sure that the employees are rewarded and that the organization recognizes the important contributions they make to the process.
  • Communication & Email Alerts: Emails alerts, newsletters and notifications can be incorporated at all stage of the workflow. Users can control what kind of notifications they receive and at what interval (once a day, once an hour, etc).
  • Gamification: Qmarkets uses various gamification techniques and tools to encourage user participation and improve the results of your innovation process. Using these techniques will help you discover more & better ideas and increase the ROI of your innovation pipeline.
  • Integrations: The success of an idea management process depends on the participation and response of your users, therefore it is important to make their access to the platform as easy and simple as possible. Qmarkets supports many  integrations with popular platforms, such as: SharePoint, Jive, Yammer, Sales force and more.
  • Mobile Application: Let users suggest new ideas, rate and comment on other users ideas, and follow up on their activities on the go. Our mobile application extends the innovation process beyond the office boundaries, making users they will be able to share their insights and ideas at any given moment.

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