The Marketing Manager challenge

Marketing managers today have a real challenge making their products standout from the competition. Today customers are more sophisticated and aware of the techniques of sales promotion and marketing tools. To deal with those challenges marketing managers must not only learn and understand their target audience – they need to form a real channel of communication with them.

To successfully create an effective marketing strategy, it is important to involve as many relevant people as possible from within and outside the organization. These people can give you the most valuable information about the real desires and needs of your market.

To successfully create an effective marketing strategy, it is important to involve as many relevant people as possible from within and outside the organization.

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The Qmarkets Process – Listen. Analyze. Implement.

Whether you are launching a new product, running a new marketing campaign, going through a branding process or conducting a marketing survey, Qmarkets offers you the perfect tools to successfully make the right choices, by enabling your company’s customers and employees to take part in the process.

The first stage of the process is allowing your audience to simply communicate. With the Qmarkets platform you can easily create a “challenge”, and invite your users to submit their ideas and opinions on this specific subject. The platform doesn’t only allow you to receive feedbacks from users, but also lets them rate ideas and debate on the topics you raised, creating an open discussion, which provides you with important insights about the feelings, motivations and needs of your target audience.

Fully branded platform

Comparing ideas

Unlike social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – the Qmarkets platform is designed specifically to manage ideas, assuring each idea develops in phases and passes several validation stages until it is either approved or rejected, so we provide a structured approach to consumer collaboration that yields concrete results.

Qmarkets platform provides you with various tools to manage every stage of the idea management process and identify the best ideas; For example:  clustering ideas in groups and using mind maps, involving experts and focus groups, issuing reports providing statistical and in-depth analysis of the process etc.

Your communication with customers and the opportunity to let them contribute to the organization’s business decisions creates another significant value to your company – It strengthen the company’s brand and enhances your customers engagement. Qmarkets’ provides a set of features to ensure you achieve these goals: The platform is branded and designed according to your guidelines, it provides superior user experience, and you can implement a set of gamification tools and incentives to create even more exciting  and enjoyable experience for your users.

Qmarkets Platform Advantages for Marketing Managers:

  • Manage ideas end to end from idea spark to implementation.
  • Get insights and ideas from your target audience in real time.
  • Run an effective brainstorming to reach concrete results.
  • Use a rich set of Gamification tools to encourage people to use the platform.
  • Engage customers to your brand by showing them their opinions matter to your company.
  • Use rewards and incentives to motivate users and expose the best ideas.
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