Innovation in Technology-based Organizations

In an age when the pace of technology development is getting faster, while better and cheaper products, technologies, gadgets and applications are released to the market every day, high-tech companies must constantly innovate themselves to avoid the risk of being made obsolete by the ‘next big thing’.

Innovation in the high-tech industry is all about exploiting ideas and transforming them into new products, features, processes or services. It is not just the discovery of a new idea that matters, but it is actually putting the idea into practice in a way that will lead to new products, services or systems that has substantial value for the customer.

For technology-based companies innovation must enhance the organization’s capacity to keep up with, respond to, and initiate technological change on an ongoing basis. This kind of innovative culture requires a systemic and effective management.

Innovation in the high-tech industry is all about exploiting ideas and transforming them into new products, features, processes or services

Qmarkets platform for High-tech companies

Qmarkets offers hi-tech companies, the most flexible and feature-rich innovation management platform available in the market today. Our extensive experience working with hi-tech firms means we’re well aware of the many challenges facing the entire industry when it comes to innovation, and we have both the technology and best practices to successfully address those challenges.

The Qmarkets platform enables you to run continuous and effective online brainstorming sessions, involving employees from different departments and locations in the company’s innovation process. The platform’s users can suggest, discuss and rate ideas, related to different challenges that you define.

This process lets you engage and commit your employees to achieving innovation, while capturing the knowledge and expertise of all relevant users.

However, gathering the ideas is only the first stage of implementing innovation in your company. The next and most important step, is managing the innovation process in an effective and efficient manner until the ideas are shaped into products, processes, features or services. Our solution includes a wide range of features to help organizations manage the information, identify the best ideas and keep the users engaged and involved all through the process.

Qmarkets features highlights (partial list)

  • Identify similar ideas and gather them in clusters.
  • Various tools for providing feedback, rating and voting in different stages of the process.
  • Configurable idea evaluation Lifecycles, defining the stages ideas will go through along the pipeline.
  • Personal Tracking Pages – each user can easily track relevant activities.
  • Communication & Email Alerts – keeping the user’s interest and engagement all though the process.
  • Integrated Project Management.
  • Complete reporting package.
  • And much more.

Innovation in the high-tech industry

Qmarkets advantages

  • Manage the innovation process end-to-end.
  • Make sure all the right functions are involved in the process.
  • Define the exact stages ideas should go through from generation to implementation.
  • Identify the best ideas.
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