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Innovation in the financial sector

In recent years, a growing amount of financial institutes are recognizing the need for a shift towards innovation. As new competitors that are small, agile and technology oriented are entering the financial services market, the need to innovate in order to stay ahead of the competition is almost a necessity.

Innovation in the financial sector can be realized in a few forms, and accomplish remarkable results: improvement of existing processes, that will lead to better efficiency or cost reduction; development of new products and services and implementation of new technologies, are just a few examples.

Innovation in the financial sector can be realized in a few forms and accomplish remarkable results

Financial innovation

How can Qmarkets help you?

Qmarkets has a rich experience with helping leading financial institutions worldwide manage their innovation process end to end. The Qmarkets platform enables organizations to create an online community of customers and/or employees, that will suggest, rate and discuss new innovative ideas related to the organization. Using Qmarkets, the ideas are monitored and filtered, until the best ideas are recognized and executed.

At Qmarkets we understand that innovation processes at financial institutions may be more complex, as there is a need to involve quite a few departments and functions in the process. Therefore, Qmarkets’ innovation management tool allows you to configure the lifecycle of ideas in the system to fit your exact requirements and needs

For example, an idea related to a new service may need to be reviewed by the legal department, forwarded for review by IT for feasibility check, and then brainstormed by a workgroup of experts from marketing and product departments. This is just one example out of dozens of different possible workflows.

As part of our standard setup, our product experts will work with you to define the exact setup and configuration that will best suit your needs and corporate environment.

This flexibility makes our platform especially suitable for financial institutions.

Security and Data Protection

Qmarkets realizes that security and data protection are critical in the financial services industry. Information security is a top priority for us, and we take every effort to verify that your information will not be compromised in any way.

Qmarkets platform can be deployed in 2 ways: 

  • Qmarkets hosted solution (SaaS) – A highly secured and scalable solution for companies of any size. Our services are hosted in the EU and in the US, relying on high-end ISO 27001 certified hosting providers, to assure the highest level of services.
  • Deployed Server – Qmarkets software can be deployed on any common hardware and OS platforms running Windows or Linux OS. For our deployed server we follow the guidelines of your IT department, running on your preferred hardware & OS, and even on virtual servers.

Secured innovation platform

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